Z is getting excited

I woke early the other morning, lay reading for a couple of hours and then got up at 5.  As a consequence, I was tired the next evening and went to bed early, so woke early …. you get the picture.  This early rising is very virtuous I suppose – though I’m not sure why it’s cracked up to be so, but it’s also quite boring.  Night time is so much more fun, at least I’m more fun in the evenings.

I remember a few years ago when we were asked round for dinner with friends.  I was a bit tired, looking forward to a delicious meal – she was a professional cook before her retirement, has written books and everything – and rather wanting to be entertained, not particularly sparkly.  When we arrived, we found that a couple who had recently moved to the village were there, looking a bit shy.  We had met before, didn’t know each other very well, our friends were being kind and helping them spread their social wings.

After greetings, our hostess vanished to the kitchen and soon a silence fell.  Then I became aware that several hopeful pairs of eyes were upon me.  Evidently, Z was expected to perform – not literally, dear hearts, I don’t, but to start a conversation at the least.  So I took a swig of gin, put on my brightest smile and launched into animated evening mode, and it all went swimmingly, they just wanted a start.  But I realised afterwards that they had probably assumed that it had been the alcohol.  I don’t need alcohol to have fun, though.  It all depends on the company.

7 comments on “Z is getting excited

  1. Z

    Absolutely, Macy. That’s why we all love the comment box – as Blue Witch says, a blog without comments is just a website.

    Rog, you’ve got to do it on Saturday. You must!

  2. mig

    I do that sleeping the other way round, stay up very very late and then oversleep in the morning and don’t feel tired till very very late…and so on.
    Alcohol and fun is the best combination I think.

  3. Z

    I usually go to bed very late, on the basis that then I’m tired enough to get a couple of hours sleep at least. It’s unusual to want a succession of early nights.

    Looking forward to all three at the weekend, dear heart!


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