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We went to Norwich and, as we had some time to kill, we went to the carpet department at J**n L***s, to check out a carpet I’d rather liked on their website.  The very helpful assistant put a bit of a damper on our exploration because he pointed out that they sold very few carpets that would suit a room of this size.  The one we were interested in came in 4 or 5 metre widths, which isn’t much use if your room is over 5 metres each way.  There is a bespoke service but every carpet is completely plain and we didn’t find anything we liked anyway.  They did have one which guarantees a match within, say 15 feet plus 3 feet (one has to be equally conversant with metric and imperial measurements which, fortunately, we are) and there was one possibility there.  But we’ve also come up with another possibility with the local shop.  So we will persevere, though it’s all pretty tedious.

Of course we should have got it done sensibly in the summer but we didn’t, so we had to wait a few weeks to get the chimney swept and, since we know it’s very sooty, we haven’t felt inclined to light the drawing room fire.  But tomorrow is the day when the deed will be done, so after that we can light the fire and be cheery.  LT pointed out that it’ll soon be cold enough to hang home-cured bacon in the attic.  And the bricks have been delivered.  So things are looking promising.

Regarding the bricks, we had an extra complication there.  The reason for the visit to Norwich was LT’s car’s service and, when he phoned yesterday, he was pleased that they could fit it in the very next day (I’d given Tuesday or Thursday as possibilties).  It wasn’t until later that he remembered that the bricks were being delivered, which I hadn’t remembered at all.  So I phoned the depot and it was agreed that we’d put up a sign telling the driver where to put them.  In fact, LT made two signs and I wrote on them, and the driver phoned to check once he reached our road.

To digress, it’s a funny thing.  I’d had it put on the delivery notes that ours is the entrance with two curved brick walls and wrought iron gates at the end of a long drive (the only one in this road) opposite a new chalet bungalow with ranch-style fencing … the only one in this road.  Yet the very nice-sounding delivery man drove right past it and phoned me when opposite the church – I’d also specified, 50 yards before you reach the junction by the church.  Clearly, I’m not specific enough, but I don’t know how to be  more so.  Anyway, once I’d directed him and assured him there was plenty of room to turn round, he dropped off the bricks and there they will sit until Friday, when they will – weather permitting – be laid, or at least some of them will.

After looking at carpeting, LT wanted a new coat and we searched a couple of department stores – of course, they all have the same makes nowadays, there’s little distinction between them.  We still had time to kill, so I suggested looking at books in Jarrolds.  And, since we were there, I also suggested looking at coats there.  And LT found a very suitable coat and tried it on and was very pleased and bought it at once.  It was actually less than he’d been expecting to pay, too, though it seems durable and well made.

I was less fortunate with handbags, which i want a new one of (grammar alert!!!).  Apart from the appearance and interior practicality of the thing, I can’t bear to have a company’s name or logo on a bag.  I don’t wish to pay an absurd price and then advertise free, after all, and I don’t see why I should.  But anyway, I couldn’t find anything I liked.  But it’s all right, it’s not a priority and I’ll keep my eyes open.  I did shop, I bought some new bags for my hoover.  Sooooo thrilling.

We also had an interesting lunch, so the day went well,  I delivered LT back to the garage and they’d dealt with the thing he’d taken it for and also, at his request, checked out a new part they’d fitted a few weeks ago.  It was indeed faulty, but they were able to replace it straight away, because they happened to have that very part in stock, unusually.  And later, LT cooked a delicious dinner.  And I retrieved a mouse that Eloise cat had chased under the doormat and I let it go outside, poor little thing.  They have such lovely eyes and their little hearts pound when they’re frightened.  That’s twice in two days I’ve had to do it – Eloise cat is not good at hunting, but either the mice got in or she brought them, I don’t know.

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