Chim chim cher-ee

We forgot all about getting the chimney swept until last month.  Then, I phoned the brother of the chap who installed our new woodburner last year – keeping such things in the family, he’s a chimney sweep himself.  He was booked up for weeks, so we’ve been looking forward to his arrival today.

“There was quite a lot of soot in that chimney,” he said, with a note of enquiry.  We explained that a different sweep had been booked last year, but he’d phoned the day before he was due because he and his family had been struck with a sickness bug and he had to cancel.  He said he’d phone to arrange another appointment but he never did and it just got left.  And tonight, we have a lovely log fire burning in the grate.  It’s not that it’s so cold, but there’s a point of the evening, sometime after sunset, when there’s quite a chill in the air and it’s tempting to set a match to a few sticks and bring some cheer into the room.

This was also the day when my once-a-month cleaners visit, so I asked them to leave the sitting room until last, so the house has been cleaned and polished as well, which is another pleasure. I think I’d appreciate it less if they came every week.

And I’ve paid bills, so I owe nothing to anyone – financially at any rate – and that’s good too.

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  1. Madeleine

    Similar theme here, our Treasure has been here today, she comes fortnightly, leaves us with a feeling of calm in our home: last evening when it was chilly felt we should light the gas fire rather than heat the whole house, problems with the controls, an email sent last night produced telephone assistance today from one Chris H (apparently the H was important as there is more than one Chris in the office).
    Also organised, have booked my 21 year old Corsa for a service and the required MOT, as a preliminary to that Ian went to Halfords for new windscreen wipers, he’d noticed that the existing ones weren’t too good.

    Just noticed the length of my comment, perhaps it should on my blog page, better here as you have more readers than me!

    1. Z Post author

      We’d had a good tidy, so the cleaners were able to swoosh through uninterrupted, which was all to the good. I’m usually quite disorganised but life is easier with a degree of structure, isn’t it!


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