Reaping and sowing

We’ve harvested the squashes.  There are a lot of them – we didn’t count, but I’ll guess about 75, of three varieties: Festival, butternut and Baby Bear – so none of them is huge (I accidentally grew large butternut squashes one year and was unable to use any of them before they went rotten) and mostly, one will make the basis of a meal.  Not much is still growing in the veg garden at present – leeks, swiss chard and spinach is about all that will be useful over the winter  though there’s still the greenhouse full of peppers, tomatoes and aubergines and a few beans, courgettes and raspberries are still persevering.  It’ll soon be time to fill in the seed order for next year.

I grow too much for us to use, I can’t resist it.  I always sow too many seeds and then raise the plants.  Although it is actually sensible to sow a few too many – this year, I just sowed two courgette seeds and only one of them grew.  So I sowed two more, as I actually wanted two plants, but neither of those came up.  I just had one plant and that took ages to start to fruit (I think it must be the seeds at fault, because there was no good reason for it) and it’s the only year in several decades of growing courgettes that I haven’t had too many; or rather, I haven’t had enough.

We continue to sort things out here.  There are tons of wood cut up in one of the buildings and the rest is due to be cut on Thursday.  It’s mostly as tidy as we want it to be, which isn’t hugely tidy, but that’s not our way.  If it were a town garden, then anything out of place would jar, but that’s not the case.  We’re still working on a couple of areas, but we’re getting there.  We have more plans for next year and we don’t think too far ahead for now.  We don’t know whether we’ll move from here in two or three years or not.  We don’t feel we need to consider it yet, we just know we’re happy with things as they are, here and now.  The less stress and the fewer irrevocable decisions, the more relaxed we are and it’s good not to have things to worry about.  Or less, anyway.


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