Today was very jolly.  Weeza, Phil and Zerlina and Ro all came over for the day.  We had lunch – lamb chops, chipolatas, baked potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes and mushrooms, followed by chocolate pudding (the sort that inverts itself and ends up with the sauce underneath; it went down very well) and enjoyed each others’ company.  Well, I did.  Either everyone else was very polite or they did too.

Ro is going to London next week to see Zain.  I’ve lent him my Oyster card and we had a look to see how much it cost to go out to Zain’s place.  I have assured him that he’s welcome and I don’t want him to pay me back, it tops up automatically, but he wanted me to check how much credit I have at present so that, if he uses it a lot, he will have the option to pay me rather than feel guilty.  Then I recommended he pre-book his railway ticket.  We had a look and he was a bit dismayed to find that it would be £43.80 return to Zain’s station.  I suggested it might be cheaper to go to Liverpool Street Station and then use the Oyster – well, yes.  He could get £10 single tickets, with £2.something off-peak and £4.something peak rate – he’s likely to use one of each.  A no-brainer, as the young people say .. or said back in 1995 or something.  Anyway, he said he’d book tonight.

Dilly and Al had an announcement, and herein lies the quiZ.  What do you think they have told us?

a) Al has a new job and they are going to move to Norwich next year, where they already own a house
b) They are going to get a puppy after Christmas
c) They are going to have a baby in the summer
d) Dilly has a full-time job starting after Christmas and Al will stay at home to be a bee-keeper and market gardener and househusband

Of course, all of these could be true.  But not all of them are.

17 comments on “QuiZ

  1. Anonymous

    b) and d) ?? I like those options best.

    Your lunch sounded scrumptious. We were out at a fair and I bought a chocolate brownie for lunch and it was so rich I felt quite ill after eating it. I am unused to heavy food these days.


  2. Blue Witch

    if it’s (d) please dissuade him from the attempting to make money from beekeeping. I know of two people who have gone bust trying – and they are both excellent beekeepers (one was a county beekeeping instrucor when such things existed). It’s a great hobby that can just-about pay for itself, but it’s not a realistic way to make money (too much time and equipment needed).

  3. Pat

    I’m voting for c because I adore babies . Please advise them NOT to get a baby and puppy at the same time. I did that with disastrous results. No-one died but the puppy had to be rehomed.


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