And – the result

It was not an early favourite, but C proved the popular vote in the end.  So that’s it, Dilly will have to have a baby in the summer.

Fortunately, she is.

Moving to Norwich wasn’t much favoured.  No, they’re not.  They’re staying here for now, and whilst we’ll completely understand if they ever decide to move, we love them being here.  And it is a great place to bring up children, with freedom to roam and explore, always someone on hand to look after them, and jolly good local schools.  B – a puppy was a popular option, but it’s me who wants a dog.  The rest of the family wants me to have a dog, rather in the way I love being a grandmother – the pleasure without the responsibility.

I’m not going to put on hold the getting of another dog.  I have been there, and I wish I hadn’t, although there were good reasons at the time and, in fact, in view of my hip problems, it was just as well we didn’t get one earlier.  When Chester died, I meant to get another dog the next summer, but them Al and Dilly got married and held their reception here, so it wasn’t a good time to have a puppy.  And then Squiffany was born the next year and Weeza and Phil got married and had their reception here.  Then a possibility of getting a puppy fell through, and after that I felt it wasn’t fair to an elderly Tilly.  But, whilst I completely agree with what Pat said about the problems that arise when you have a puppy and a small baby at the same time, I can’t wait another year, and it won’t be me looking after the baby and they won’t be living in the same house.  But I’m not doing anything about it right now, not unless opportunity strikes.

They have been talking about possibly having another baby for a while – I didn’t ask if a decision was made, of course.  But I’m really pleased.  They’ve had the first scan, so know that it’s not twins and that all seems fine.  It’s due at the end of May.

As for D, which was also popular except with Blue Witch, who pointed out the pitfalls – well, I haven’t asked what their longer-term plans are.  Dilly does love teaching, and has appreciated the individual impact she’s able to make with her one-to-one teaching, which she’s doing both privately and in schools at present.  Al certainly isn’t going to try to make money out of the bees and growing vegetables, BW is right – a lot of work for little profit and not many people can live from it – I know someone who does, but the chap who supplies the shop’s honey expanded his hobby in retirement, so doesn’t rely on the bees to live.  I don’t know whether or not he’ll get a job, and I don’t know whether or not Dilly will carry on working.  I haven’t asked, it’s not my business – which is to support their decision.  Of course, if asked for a view I’d give one, but I’d only dive in with a point of view if I really felt strongly that there was a pitfall not to fall into (like, trying to earn a living as a beekeeper, perhaps!).

As for option E – thank you, Rog.  I wondered what the singing was from next door.

13 comments on “And – the result

  1. allotmentqueen

    Fantastic! Best wishes (and best of luck!) to the parents-to-be, that’s just the kind of news grandparents love to hear. Although comiserations, in advance, to the new baby who won’t get anything like the attention the first, or even the second, got. I always wanted one of those T-shirts with a Lichtenstein picture on saying “Oh no, I’ve left my baby on the bus!” which at that time I always thought would be probably quite appropriate. Fortunately the youngest is still in evidence (and much excited at the thought of 13th birthday this week) so clearly I didn’t leave him somewhere inappropriate.

  2. Z

    I think it will be thoroughly petted by big brother and sister. At present, both are hoping for a girl. But no, old hat as far as the family is concerned!

  3. Mike and Ann

    Congratulations. You are so lucky to have offspring and grandchildren living near you. Ann has just pushed off to the north of Sweden to see some of ours. Hope all goes well.
    Regards, mike.

  4. Z

    Thank you, everyone, we are lucky indeed.

    Dave. according to your email of 25th May, you had 19 Gardeners Delight, 14 Moneymaker and 8 F1 Shirley. That makes 41 and he sold all but 10 of them for £1 each. I’m sorry I didn’t speak to him last time you reminded me, I’ll find out what percentage he paid his suppliers and send you a cheque.


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