The dragon waits with bated breath

Yes, the school was shut today.  It was the difficulty the bus company is having, getting pupils to school, apparently.  Hard to tell whether it was the right decision, there was freezing fog this morning, and snow in the night but none since.  I haven’t been out at all today in fact, though the Sage has.  I’ve been doing stuff in the house, very slowly and lazily.

Tomorrow, Weeza and co and Ro are coming over, which will be excellent.  I did see Ro on Monday when I gave him a lift from work to his home, but I haven’t seen Weeza and little z for a couple of weeks, and Phil for longer.  I don’t somehow think that Phil will bike over.  Ro will be driving Dora’s new car for the first time and he enquired carefully about the state of the roads.  I advised him not to drive down Church Road, which is still very icy, but our road is all right.  Dora, I think I mentioned, is visiting her brother in Thailand and she has lent him her car.  He hasn’t driven it yet, he relinquished his parking place at work when he moved to Norwich and he walks the mile and a half.

He phones sometimes on the walk – a friend was saying the same thing, her daughter has a 20 minute walk home from work so she knows when to expect the phone to ring…

I finally caught up on blog posts.  And then again today.  And just looked again and there are another 20 – who said that blogging is a diminishing pastime?  It’s no good, I’m not deleting any blogs from my list, I don’t mark any that I don’t like.  And now I have facebook too, not that it takes extra time because I only use it on the phone when I have a few minutes.  But it’s all that I feared all those years ago, when I resisted the siren call of the internet.  Our village didn’t have broadband for years, so it didn’t get out of hand to start with.  Now – well – it isn’t so much that I can’t do without it.  It’s just that I don’t.  And I don’t want to.

11 comments on “The dragon waits with bated breath

  1. martina

    Our area schools seem to close when there is over an inch or more of snow. Then the kids and teachers have to make up the snow days in the summer. So far, two days will have to be made up next summer.

  2. Z

    The days aren’t made up here. If they were, I think schools would be very reluctant to close. It would be very expensive. It could be put into teachers’ contracts, but I’m not so sure about support staff, who are paid by the hour and could argue that they were willing to come into school and therefore shouldn’t have their pay docked when the school closes.

    I’m glad to hear you say it though, we’re given the impression that we’re the only country in the world where schools ever close for moderately bad weather.

  3. Z

    Dave, I thought you served as an example to us all. Now the scales have fallen from my eyes and I see that you are, in fact, a warning.

  4. luckyzmom

    “Hello. My name is Luckyzmom. I am a blogger. I am an enabling co-dependent. I need help. I really want to blog more. One day at a time.”

    Blogger’s Anonymous. Last meeting.


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