Post party cheer

How lovely bloggers are.  Many thanks to those of you who came to the party, Russell and I really enjoyed it.  Thanks also to those who brought gorgeous puds – I had something of everything … yes, darlings, you’re looking at the woman who ate seven desserts yesterday.  Later, Zerlina was suggesting I eat something more and I displayed (discreetly covered by my dress, obvs) my rounded tummy and explained that I’d eaten far too much already.

Russell has been really unwell during the past week as I’ve said, but the party perked him up a lot and he loved seeing you all.  Those who left before he got the old car out (the yellow one, that is) missed the chance of a ride round the village, though there was a rather spectacular gush of steam at one point and we had to refill the radiator.  Afterwards, he let Weeza drive it, which she found quite an education.  We’re all used to power steering nowadays, as well as cars that move in the direction you turn the wheel quite promptly.  80 year old brakes aren’t quite as efficient as they might be either.  However, she found that it was great fun and Gus had a big grin on his face throughout, especially when she ground the gears (every time she changed them, but they are very tricky: Russell does it too).

Today, I arrived home from church to find R eating Weetabix and asking for two rashers of bacon and two eggs.  Tonight, he’s eaten some salt beef and salad, followed by some of Ann’s Summer Pudding and cream – overall, not a huge amount of food, but eaten with gusto and he’s better than he has been for at least a week.  I’ve no idea if the improvement will continue, but it’s lovely to have him cheerful and enjoying life again.

As for me, I had a nap this afternoon.  But I finished all the washing up and clearing away first.

PS – I’ve started to catch up on blogs, not having had time to read any for a few days.  I’m sorry to say that WordPress won’t let me post comments on them, though.  ‘You’re posting comments too quickly.  Slow down.’ it says – though since it was the first comment I’d tried to make in at least a week, this is their mistake not mine.  Anyway, sorry Mago and Sablonneuse, I’ll try again tomorrow.

11 comments on “Post party cheer

  1. 63mago

    This is very good news that your husband is doing better !
    And The Party went well – fine !
    No worries because of the comments, just technical trallala.
    I hope you are doing well too, no stress.

  2. Roses

    The party did everyone a world of good, I’d argue. Dave and I had a lovely time.

    I couldn’t have eaten any more if I’d tried. I was so full.

    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful hostess. It’s so good to see your family turn out for the event.

  3. Blue Witch

    WordPress has just asked me if I’m human. I’m not sure of the answer…

    Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon on Saturday. Mi1dred smelt Big Yellow Car on Mr BW and is currently in a huff. Not a good place for an 81 year old maiden lady to be….

    Have the toroises recovered?

    Do hope that Russell’s appetite improvement continues. We were too full on Saturday to eat anything else, and out all day yesterday, so will be enjoying the artichokes tonight. Thank you!

  4. Z Post author

    Tortoises aren’t happy because the weather is chilly, but Russell is doing well, thank you.

    Ann Summers pudding. Well played, Rog and John. *sigh* sorry, Ann.

  5. Beryl Ament

    How I wish I could have made it to the party. And how generous of you to host bloggers.

    Hope you find out what ails Russell, and that his appetite comes back.

  6. Z Post author

    Sorry early (relatively early, that is) leavers missed the car. But we can get it out again any time, just call round on a fine day!

    Bloggers are lovely to keep coming back, Beryl – what started as a one-off event has turned into an annual one and I can’t tell you how much R and i look forward to it.

    He’s much better than he was, if he were not so thin, I’d be thinking he was getting over whatever it is. He’s still not eating a lot, but so much better than he was last week and that’s a great relief.


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