Happy birthday, Russell

Today is Russell’s birthday and I’m very pleased to say that he’s been well enough to enjoy it – half of it, anyway, because he got up so very late that i actually went to check on him, to be sure he was ok.  He’s not usually a late riser., not after midday, anyway, but he’s turned into a little Sleep Monster at present – however, since it seems to be doing him good, there’s no problem there.

In the meantime, I’d fed the chickens and the tortoises and so on, but I did a silly thing, or rather I left undone those things that I ought to have done.  R wanted a lift into town but, on the lawn as we went out to the car, we saw a couple of bantams.  i said I’d put them back when we got home … by which time, there were six bantams.  I thought I’d left the door open for a couple of minutes last night, but when i went round to check, the door was open and nearly all of them were out.  Not that they looked too cheerful about it and they obediently filed back in when I chivvied them.  The ones on the lawn took a bit more persuasion, but they were all back home soon (except one, it turned out, who was waiting disconsolately when I went to feed them this evening).  There’s a bolt on each side of the door and the one on the inside had caught and stopped it fastening from the outside and I hadn’t noticed.  No harm done, luckily.

Tonight, R has drunk champagne, eaten a modest salad (home-grown lettuce and cucumber, local cheese), eaten fillet steak with local potatoes and home-grown spinach, followed by meringue, local ice cream and strawberries and he’s now eating some chocolate given to him as a birthday present.  Only small quantities of each, but unimaginable four days ago.  I don’t begin to understand it, but I’m very relieved – for now, anyway.

The last thing on my mind has been birthday presents so I haven’t got him anything yet – mind you, his to me is to be a motorbike and that’s been on offer since September.  We’re a bit casual that way.  No idea what to get him, last year I gave him his iPad and he’s now officially the man who has everything.  Now that he seems to have his appetite back, that is.

7 comments on “Happy birthday, Russell

  1. Scarlet

    Oh crikey, I had a maths quiz to get in here today… it didn’t go to well!
    Anyhow, Happy Birthday to Russell! Sounds like a scrummy birthday feast.

  2. Liz

    It sounds as though Russell had an enjoyable birthday. Here’s to many more of them!

    Glad to hear that his health has perked up a bit.

  3. Mike Horner

    Please wish Russell many happy returns of his birthday for us. It was great to see you both, and your family, at the weekend.
    Warm Regards, Mike and Ann.

  4. Z Post author

    I can’t remember why I instituted the extra check – now have another spam filter anyway, so it isn’t necessary. I must talk to Ronan, who deals with technicalities.

    A nice day out today, R and I just finishing off last night’s strawberries.

  5. mig

    Yesterday had to prove I was a robot but today it doesn’t care what I am as long as I remember my password. A bit happy go lucky if you ask me!
    Wish Russell a happy year, since I missed his birthday.
    Glad he’s feeling better : )


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