I have only just realised how much weight Ben has gained.  I don’t think it’s my fault directly: Russell has been trying to disguise from me that he hasn’t been eating much, so has sneaked a lot of food to the dog under the table.  And Ben has a thick coat and I haven’t noticed – still, up to me to put the poor animal on a diet.

We had booked a visit to a local stately-ish home, but it wasn’t until yesterday evening that R decided that he felt well enough to come. A scurry round this morning, I had to feed R, Ben, the tortoises, the chickens and (a bit of an afterthought) me before leaving at 9 o’clock.  All went well, though R wasn’t strong enough to walk round the gardens, so sat in the sunshine while I did.  R is nearly 18 years older than I am, but I’ve never been conscious of it until now – not that a health matter should be confused with an age one and I suppose we’ve both been lucky until now.

I nearly hit a couple of deadlines, but caught and spun those plates in time.  Another one is starting to wobble…I’ve until 11 tomorrow morning, I think I’ve finished for tonight.  Cheery-bye, darlings.

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  1. Liz

    Sir B is fine thanks. His scan appointment has come through already; it’s not for another 3 weeks but I had expected to wait longer than that.


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