Poor Dilly

Dilly isn’t very well. She has got one of the stomach bugs going around, not to any spectacular extent but she feels generally miserable and has stomach ache and if she tries to eat it gets substantially worse, so she’s not eating at all. So she didn’t go to work today. I took Squiffany to nursery school and then entertained Pugsley for the day, which was planned anyway. He went trouser and pant less for the day, as he is fine at using a potty as long as he isn’t wearing anything, but if he is, he forgets it isn’t a nappy and there is the risk of a Little Accident. Anyway, all went well and he ate a substantial lunch of salmon, pasta and cheese sauce. Cucumber and lettuce were served which he likes in theory but rarely actually eats. He did have half a banana and some orange juice though.

In the afternoon, Dilly got up and cuddled Pugsley on the sofa, and I went to fetch Squiffany. We went and bought some biscuits and crisps. Dilly needed to sleep again, so I suggested the children took food into their bedroom. Squiffany, who is a practical and cheerful little girl, started to spread out a crocheted blanket on the bedroom floor. “We can have a picnic, it’ll be more fun!” she explained. We turned on the radio, spread out the food and put out cushions to sit on. I had to go to a meeting, but they said they’d play quietly.

My meeting, well, can’t really say anything (this confidentiality nonsense) but I must say that all of us there, of whom I was by far the least important (this is not modesty at all, but simple truth, if only in this instance *ahem*) wouldn’t get very far if we left it to the people whose job it is to help, but who merely get in the way. There are doers and there are pen-pushers.

I made a lovely fish pie for dinner. Dexter is on later. I shall do some knitting in the meantime.

Oh, by the way, I’m finding Mahler a bit dull, to my surprise. Shostakovich is going well, however. I haven’t tried to learn a poem yet and I haven’t done anything new or met any bloggers. But it’s still January and I’ve the whole year, after all.

9 comments on “Poor Dilly

  1. Anonymous

    Such a cosy feeling reading your blog. Today was ‘one of those days’ and more than bracing, so, ta for the warmth 😉

  2. peaceableimperatrix

    I am so sorry to Dilly, but when I read the beginning of your account I thought you were talking about *Tilly*, and I was preparing a comment in which I shared some of the things we did to help Zephyr get over her stomach bug.

    Squiffany is such a charmer. Picnics are of course such fun!

  3. Z

    I used Dilly, originally, as an acronym of course, and also because (as with the Sage) I thought of going with a herb theme for my family’s names, before it dawned on me that it would be just too precious for words. Tilly is Tilly’s real name, however.

    I shall embrace the dullness and work through it, Dotterel. Thank you for the reassurance.

  4. Dave

    Dash! I was going to say something along the lines of it’s surprising dogs don’t get upset tummies more often, the rubbish they eat, but peaceable has pre-empted me.

    I have nothing to add.


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