Z is a bit too busy to visit blogs and apologises

I feel a bit harassed, which is good practice for next week. I’ll be busy every day and all day, which is most unusual. I don’t think there will be time for a single leisurely lunch or afternoon nap. You can see how aggrieved, in advance, I am.

Still, I have various meetings and lesson observations planned and a whole day in Learning Support, as well as my first (in this school) Finance meeting, so I hope I will have a wonderfully jolly time.

This afternoon, I visited Weeza and Zerlina. They were to have come over here, but Weeza has a cold and Dilly isn’t better, so it was decided not to mix germs (except possibly via me). Zerlina’s first teeth are not through but are visible through the gums and she can roll over from back to front. She greeted me with big grins and open-mouthed kisses.

Tomorrow, the Opening of the New Parish Office. Then, out for dinner in the evening. I am vastly cheered at the thought. The diet is suspended for the weekend.

16 comments on “Z is a bit too busy to visit blogs and apologises

  1. I, Like The View

    I hope you stay germ free, ahead of your busy week next week. . . and that you rest well and eat well (sounds like you’ll need the energy!) but most of all that you enjoy the being busy



  2. I, Like The View



    actually, I’m adept at house-work and sometimes think I should find employment as a cleaner. . . pays way above the minimum wage from what I can gather, and no office politics to contend with!

  3. I, Like The View

    I think other people’s clutter and “mess” (I don’t mean by that that you have any, btw) are always more interesting than one’s own

    I’m attached to mine, and wouldn’t want to see it gone, but someone else’s is always fascinating!

    as for the actual housework part, I’d gladly do yours – but it’s a little far to travel, I suspect!


  4. Z

    I’m uncomfortable without clutter. It’s slightly unfortunate that my husband is considerably happier with mess even than I am so there’s no one to keep me in check but it’s too late to change either of us.

  5. Gordie

    If you avoid housework, spend the time you save on sex. It will either cheer you up, or give you a much more interesting kind of guilt to deal with.

  6. Dave

    As you’re going to be busy, I won’t write anything on my blog next week, so you won’t need to feel guilty if you don’t manage to visit.

  7. Z

    LZM, darling, get a grip!

    Splendidly constructive advice, Gordie. I think I’ll have to stick with the cheerful marital kind for next week, as I really won’t have time to instigate the other. And ‘interesting’? Isn’t that a Chinese curse?

    Dave, constructive assistance from you as always. I appreciate the sacrifice, although I think there will be complaints from your devoted followers.

  8. PI

    Don’t mention diets. I was just starting to drop again – after the festivities, and we went out to lunch where I devoured one and a half desserts, one of which contained a chocolate vodka shot. I’m very satiated and a bit silly.
    Have a good week.

  9. Z

    I took a break for a couple of months after I was turned away from the blood donor clinic but have been virtuous (foodwise at any rate, hem hem) this month. Mostly. Until the last few days.

    No calories in vodka, at any rate. And chocolate’s good for you, isn’t it?


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