Thank you so much for coming to our party.  A party is like a blog, in that it doesn’t matter how much effort you put in to it, it’s the ones who come along, join in with the spirit of the occasion and engage with each other that determines whether it goes well or not.  I had a lovely time and I hope you did.

I’m starting to plan next year’s already.

11 comments on “Party!

  1. Blue Witch

    We had a lovely time too, thank you both very much.

    It was good to see you again, and to meet some of The Names and the other Familial Characters from the blog.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work to make the day such a success: a more delicious feast it would be hard to imagine.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Sage’s tour of the upstairs objets and craftsmanship. Liked Bobby’s eyes in the fur even less than in the blog photo!

    We’re having porridge with some of Tim’s strawberries. Mr BW is just making it, I’m typing in bed. You’re up too early!

  2. Susan

    I am glad it went well and am sorry I could not make it – as you can see I am still avoiding finishing evil OU essay by reading blogs this morning! (But will definitely have it finished and printed by lunch time so I can enjoy the sun without guilt this afternoon).

  3. Paff Rine

    It was a wonderful party Z, thanks so much for all your hard work and effort.
    Lily was particularly taken with her lunch and says she isn’t putting up with dried food any more.

  4. Z

    Darlings, you’re all just lovely. We’re off out for lunch now, can’t take the peace and quiet around here!

  5. mig

    I’m still buzzing! Thank you dear Z for hosting such a wonderful day (and for putting up with me for the whole weekend)
    It was great meeting so many lovely bloggers in the flesh – And this’ll be a first for me, I shall now be reading blogs written by people I’ve met in the real world first.

  6. Mike and Ann

    Hello Z and Sage. Just got home after spending the night at Bobby and Simon’s and catching up with them. Called in at an antique(?) fair in Risby,bought three bits, then on to Bury St. Edmund’s for a siblng meet with two of Ann’s brothers at the Angel Hotel.
    Sorry, got carried away and off the subject which was to thank you both for a lovely day, and a cracking good lunch. If things carry on at this rate, I can see this blogmeet becoming one of the major events in the East Anglian social calendar.
    Once again – many thanks. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend.
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

  7. Anonymous

    Had a lovely time too thanks in your amazing house, and we will of course have to come back as I still haven’t had a chance to see The Sage’s cars to describe them to Mildred.
    Mr BW


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