Wink and Mig are here and Tim is staying down the road.  Looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow, when I’ll think of absent friends too.

I had an unexpected letter from a friend today, who I used to see often in Norwich when we were on the same committee.  I recognised his writing at once on the envelope (yes, darlings, a real hand-written letter!) and it was such a pleasure.  It’s horribly easy to lose touch a bit and blogging is the only way I communicate regularly with most people, though I am reasonably good at emailing friends once in a while.  Twice, even, if they’re very good friends.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow…oh, I said that.  Well, so I am.  I’ve had a very relaxed day today, I’d done most of the preparatory work I could and spent quite some time sitting outside in the sun reading the papers.  Never let it be said that I miss an opportunity to relax.

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