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It’s not as cold today, but it feels colder because the wind is keen and the air is damp. There’s no point in grumbling about typical January weather, though.

I joined a society back in December – I’d known about it for years but not known much about it. But a friend invited me, which was very kind of her, because she’d just been diagnosed with cancer and was about to start radiotherapy. But, in her kindness, she thought of me. Darling Jenny, she’s not very well at present and she’s in my thoughts.

It’s an antiques society, there’s a very entertaining and knowledgeable speaker every week, with another as backup if he can’t make it for some reason. Everyone is very friendly, though remembering their names is a work in progress. And it’s been moving through from the 16th century with china, from English Delftware and the last three have included Lowestoft. J knows where my interest lies, and kindly includes me from time to time (I know so little, I’m contributing a small fact or interjection when asked, only) and today he showed a guglet and basin that Russell sold about 12 years ago and asked me what it fetched. I knew, of course, £30,000 on the hammer and it’s still a record auction price. I appreciated the kindness.

The cats all came for both meals today, though Solo ate separately again. Sometimes he joins the other, though then Barney eats on the ground with his mother. Barney is recovering, thank goodness. Poor Solo’s face wound must hurt in this cold weather, I’m sure the nerves are tender. If only I’d been able to catch him at the start of it all. But he’s still too wary, even now.

Though wary at heart, I know it’s better not to be. I’m not a feral cat. Opening out takes an effort, but it’s good.

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