Cosseting Polly

Most important news of the week, of course, is that Polly bantam settled in quickly. She and Hop are getting on well and all is tranquil. I’ve noticed that Hop’s claws are very long, so I’ll have to look out the clippers and deal with them – I don’t think that is the origin of her problem but the result of not walking about much, but it’s making things worse now. Anyway, while it’s so cold, it’s more pleasant all round for the two of them to be indoors. They’d be all right outside in the coop, but it’s not very nice to have to squat on the ground to care for them.

I had a couple of hours to kill in Beccles the other day, so ambled into the bookshop. It is lovely. There had been a very good bookshop for many years, but it came to the end of its lease and had to shut. They moved to Yagnub – unfortunately, there were hard frosts and very slippery pavements at the time, just before Christmas and they didn’t get the custom they’d hoped for. It was when I was about to have my hip replacement and I just didn’t dare walk about much, I was so ungainly, with poor balance and control, so I didn’t go in, though I’d intended to. By the time I’d had my new hip, the shop had closed down. There had been a discount bookshop in Beccles since then, this is something in between, with very reasonably priced books along with full or nearly full priced ones and an excellent selection. I bought three books, a card and a jigsaw. Today, I needed another card and something for Perdita to go alongside the shoes I’ve bought her for her birthday, so I went in again, as I was in the town. Wink was with me and we have decided to visit regularly. All I have to do now is read all the books I’ve bought. And do the jigsaw, which I’ll then pass on to Ronan.

I’d bought chicken feed, coal and kindling and taken cat food down to where they’re fed, a strenuous hour and a half before breakfast, I’m tired now, though it isn’t yet 8 o’clock. I’m very tempted to have a leisurely bath and an early night, surrounded by books so that I can read until I fall asleep.

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