Out on parole

Today was, finally, the day when Eloise cat was let out of her cage without a lead. She wasn’t hugely impressed, frankly, but wanted to leave the room and didn’t seem to appreciate the freedom offered. Later, however, she cheered up. Tim took her for a walk and we opened up the passageway and the kitchen – and then were very alarmed when she managed to open the door through to the back door (with a cat flap) and the bungalow (with two cat flaps). We spent quite a long time searching for her outdoors until I found her in Rose’s place, not actually hiding but out of sight. She’s been much more settled since, though, and we’ll let her upstairs in the next day or two.

I haven’t much else to talk about. The chicks are fine and eat out of a multi-hole chick feeder, which doesn’t impress Canasta at all. She likes to busy herself scratching so that they’ll run in and forage at her feet, so an enclosed feeder is no fun. Tomorrow, their new drinker will arrive and she will be really sullen. I always buy a new drinker for chicks, for hygiene reasons, but I have never found a really good design. The sort where you fill it, put on the bottom upside-down and then turn it over is fine in theory but, if the ground isn’t completely level, the water tends to run out. And the translucent dome means it goes green really quickly and needs frequent scrubbing. Also, they kick dirt into the water. But never mind, I check them several times a day anyway, so can replenish supplies.

Rose was away for the weekend, so I was looking after her bantams as well as my own girls and they decided to bunk in together. Polly didn’t, the first night, so I shut her in her coop by herself – she has been quite anxious to be with the others since then. I have to shut the chickens away, if only into their greenhouse and not their coop, before feeding the barn cats, or else the chooks steal the cat food. Cat claws aren’t a patch on chicken claws, it’s the moggies who back off.

I just went to update plugins to the boffinish sort of stuff behind the scenes, and it seems that the ability to subscribe to comments might have been lost (fatal error seems so overdramatic, doesn’t it?). Could someone please check for me? If that’s the case, I’ll ask Ronan to look into it.

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    1. Z Post author

      Thank you, Glenda. She’s much more settled today.

      I abandoned that particular comment subscribe plug-in and found another. So I didn’t have to bother Ronan after all.


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