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It’s 11 days since the first chicks hatched – the rest hatched overnight or were helped out by me the next day – and, although most of the photos are rather fuzzy, for which I apologise (I suspect I was too close to the subject), it’s interesting – to me, at any rate – to see how much they’ve developed in a week and a half.

The system for uploading photos has completely changed since the last time I did it. I’m not at all sure how this will turn out and I don’t seem to be able to move things around any more, to put an explanation of each photo. But it’s probably clear enough. Here we go, anyway.

The last picture, taken today, shows that the wing feathers are getting bigger than they were a couple of days ago and the little tails are starting to grow. Still fluffy chicks, but they’ve changed a lot. Canasta is starting to feel the strain of motherhood, she paces up and down rather a lot. She’ll have to put up with them for a while yet, though, they’re too little not to have their mummy’s warmth at night.

3 comments on “Chick photos

  1. PixieMum

    One of my happy memories is of Russell with new born chicks at your blog party. Chickens are another world to this Townie, a friend further along our road keeps some in her back garden, has an Eggloo (think that’s the name), as we are plagued with foxes here.

  2. Z Post author

    We have foxes too, it’s always a worry. The chickens are shut away overnight unless they sneak off, but the worst is when a fox breaks into the chickens’ roosting area. Hopefully, that can’t happen in their present shed, though.

    This blog is hosted by WordPress, though it isn’t a WordPress blog – and if you understand that, well played.


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