Semi-sweet home

Eloise cat had her first night free in the house, and she made the most of it. Mostly, she jumped on and off our bed, wanted to be stroked, decided to drink out of every glass, etc. This was a pleasure for us, though it did mean rather a lack of sleep; at least on my part. It’s lovely to see her stretched out and relaxed now, we’re so relieved that the care we’ve taken, after a successful operation, has paid off.

It’s been mostly about housework today, which may be satisfying once done, but is not particularly interesting to do or read about. But the floordrobe is eliminated, the ironing has been done, the cat cage has been removed and the hoovering has been hoovered. And, too, the chick run has been moved to fresh grass and a new waterer has been installed. So it’s been a quiet but not useless day. The rest of this week will mostly be devoted to things that have been neglected in favour of cat walking, come to that.

Before all this cat stuff happened, we’d had plans for the summer. We each wanted to show the other where we grew up. So we were going to visit Weymouth and Bournemouth, and also were wanting to visit Cornwall because … oh, I can’t remember. But anyway, it isn’t really feasible. Visits to Tim’s house and the caravan are in the pipeline, in due course, but at present we can’t really even have a full day out. Just as well we like it here.

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    1. Z Post author

      It’s been a huge relief. Being free in the house doesn’t stop her hankering to go out, but at least she gets plenty of exercise. We’re all happier.


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