15 comments on “Oh, that’s all right

  1. Wendz

    Hmmm. I got 60%.

    But I do have a 100% addiction at the mo that has nothing to do with blogging.

    I can’t stop eating parma ham and gherkins. I even had some at 12.30am this morning. Just because.

  2. Z

    I think anything less than 75% is fine, and quite balanced.

    Parma ham and gherkins, mm. Good choice. Gherkins are less fattening than olives but give a similar kick. Bugger, darling, you’ve given me a craving.

    I shall resolutely go the greenhouse and pick a cucumber and some tomatoes. Absolutely virtuous (as long as I don’t eat them with that box of Pringles on the kitchen table).

  3. The Boy

    I got 47% and am feeling quite virtuous…

    Parma Ham and girkins, no… Parma Ham and fresh olive bread, mmmm. Might have to do some baking tonight.

  4. Z

    Ooh, perfect, Stitchwort. I feel a touch Quasimodine now.

    Sadly, carnivores will have a sneaking feeling that a pig made into parma ham did not die in vain. Sorry. I like goat cheese but not so much goat milk – not tried the butter, but rather like the thought of it.

  5. Wendz

    Cannot bear goat cheese…the very smell induces wild feelings of wanting to uncontrollably puke. The taste? Well that does make me puke.

    No – shall stick to my parma ham and gherkins.

  6. Z

    Martin, you’re hooked and you don’t even want to get away!

    Imperatrix – well, what do I know? Anyway, I think a blogging addiction is absolutely healthy.


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