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  1. Z

    Hang on, Dharmabum, I’ve put up three posts in two days – surely you’re not saying I’m shirking? 😉

  2. PI

    Major self esteem issues – that could be either way. People are very kind to me – which is lovely – but I have to dilute it down to keep it real.

  3. Ad

    40% for that one, did a colour version earlier which came out purple (I think yours was yellow), thanks for the chuckle, z, always a pleasure.

  4. Z

    You’re right, Pat – the cartoon is labelled ‘shrinking self-esteem’ but it could equally well work the other way. It seems to me that some bloggers need a lot of validation from their readers and can get quite upset, either to feel they are being criticised or if their comments or reader numbers go down.

    Ad, I suppose red would mean total addiction?

  5. Ad

    Shrinking the shrinks praps?

    I’ve not tried the questionnaire to provoke the colour red, tho’ crimson would be apt.


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