They haven’t asked me to say this, but

you wouldn’t, I suppose, consider glancing here? – – I ask because young Jonathan and James are friends of mine. Jonathan and his father are good farmers, who take care of their dairy herd and give their sweetest-natured dry cows a summer holiday on our field. J can, furthermore, sing. He is the pride of Yagnub Choral Society.

Don’t feel obliged to download, but profits are going to an anti-bullying charity.

6 comments on “They haven’t asked me to say this, but

  1. Z

    Thanks, honey – as I said, they don’t know I’ve mentioned them, which is why I didn’t do a direct link (I don’t know if you can check referrals to a MySpace site?). I like the lads and I think the song isn’t at all bad, so I reckon they deserve the odd extra listen!


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