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The dead trees have been removed – no explanation as to why they died, the roots look quite healthy, yet all three died this spring, the cherry having flowered first.  The grass around them remained healthy.  Anyway, they were an eyesore, now all cut up for firewood and the twiggy bits burnt.

I lit the bonfire with a single match, always a source of satisfaction.  I built a new bonfire in fact, just in case a hedgehog might be hibernating in the existing one.

More clearing in general done, which is another little drain of tension.

Constructive discussion about sale and removal of some Stuff.  Nothing valuable, but it’s likely I’ll be paid a bit rather than having to pay to have it taken away – it’ll offset some of the cost of the manpower and skips.

Cheques arrived! – this is regular quarterly income, but very welcome.

The front porch and the cupboard are stacked with logs, I won’t have to fetch more for weeks.  Next, I’ll get all the coal scuttles filled.  I’m using about half a scuttleful of coal a day as well as wood.

I’ve requested a new PIN.  I’ll write down all the rest for a day so that, when I memorise the replacement, I don’t forget one of the others.

One of my favourite phone games has had a satisfyingly difficult new set of free levels added.

I played the piano this evening.

Lovely long chat with Eloise on the phone this evening.

I watched another film.

Nothing went wrong.  Nothing at all.

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  1. Blue Witch

    Could you change the PIN to something memorable? I see no reason why all cards shouldn’t have the same PIN (as long as no-one else knows it)…

    I find it more and more impossible to remember all PINs/logins/passwords etc required for everyday life. I’m sure it’s better to have them all on one or two numbers (or slight variations on a theme) than to write them down (which, for many, is the alternative).

    Or, another method I suggested to one of my Patchy ladies, having similar problems, the other day, was that she take the name of [whatever] bank issued a card and use a simple number/letter code, so she could always work it out from scratch (eg Lloyds, use a=1+2 (key=2), and take as many digits as needed: so, in this case, for a 4-digit PIN, 14 ,14 – from L L); HSBC (using he same +2 code): 10, 21 – so H S).

    On the BBC tech prog yesterday morning they showed how (each person’s unique) heartbeat pattern could be used instead of PINs/keys etc. Hopefully the future isn’t in PINs.

    1. Z Post author

      It’s a small pleasure to know I can devise little mnemonics to the PINs I’m sent. I’ve given up on passwords however, which are now impossible to remember, largely because of advice to change them regularly. The heartbeat pattern thing is astonishing and I don’t understand it at all.

  2. chairwoman ros

    “Nothing went wrong. Nothing at all.” Oh how I remember that feeling. The relief, because one has been suddenly and unexpectedly programmed to expect disaster around every corner!

    Now, Zoe, I’m going to give an unwanted and unasked for opinion. It’s about Ben. He doesn’t want to leave you. Yes he has fun with the family, but you are the centre of his furry universe and it’s you he feels he needs to look after. I know you’ve promised him to the children but you could always get them a Golden Retriever puppy, or contact the breed rescue. One makes impulsive gestures at these times which one wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. I had bought Chris a Fender Guitar for his birthday and in a fit of ,insanity I gave it to a friend’s son, because he could play a bit, and he admired Chris. I haven’t seen the young man for about 10 years, and his mother stopped speaking to me when she became ill. Katy’s partner plays the guitar pretty well, and i’m sure he’d have been delighted to have the opportunity to play the Fender.

    As you know i’ve recently rehomed Ella. Apart from it being a mistake for me, i wonder what Ella feels. Her new owner keeps in touch with me and while she keeps Ella a lot busier than i could, and she has another dog for company, i wonder if she wonders where i am, and if she’s ever going ‘home’ again.

    OK I’ve said it, and you must, of course, do what’s right for you and your circumstances, but if your bridges aren’t burned, then mull it over again. That’s my final word. you’re always in my thoughts.

    1. Z Post author

      Dear friend, thank you. I’m always being brought up short by the knowledge that I haven’t even started to grieve yet and that no one understands the complexity of the situation – each person’s is unique and so is their reaction and one can’t prepare.

      The other family (and Bex reads this blog) are very understanding. Spike, who’s only nine, immediately thought about my feelings when he was told about my offer, he’s a truly lovely (guitar playing) little boy. We’re going to share Ben for a while, if he shows a clear indication my way then they will understand that, as I understand the messages he showed me, which were clearly that he adored them more than me – I still think that my offer was the right one. Ben and I have become much closer recently, but I still know that I’m not doing all I could for him. In addition, once I leave here, it’ll be simpler if I don’t have a dog for a year – not that it’s a reason to rehome him, I wouldn’t have done so if he hadn’t clearly loved the other family more. He’s a very loving dog, he thinks that everyone is wonderful and has never known unkindness.

      I’ll have Ben when Bex and family go on holiday and Rupert will come to stay when Hannah and Sam are away. I’ve also said to Zig that, if she can’t manage Bertie and Indi for a while and hasn’t got anyone local, I’ll take them for a few weeks for her and drive down to Wiltshire fortnightly so they can see her.

      I’m so sorry you’re missing Ella so much. Isn’t it all difficult?

      When you’re settled, may I come and see you? I feel that we’re such friends.


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