Z thinks about winding down

It’s the school prizegiving tomorrow evening, which means I have to deliver a speech.  Not a long one – I’ve timed it in the past but I can’t remember how long it was in terms of time.  932 words, last year’s.  I stood here and said what I wanted to say, I suppose I should have recorded it because I can’t write it down now.  Never mind.  I’ve made a start and will finish it in the morning.  It’ll be the last one, this year’s, as I’ll be standing down as chairman next year and can just sit there in the audience.  And then I’ll ease out altogether, then or the next year.  It’ll be high time for me to retire.

A lot more has been done outside today, but not by me.  Clutter has been cleared and a fence has been painted, it’s all looking much better.  It’ll never be tidy, but I don’t want it to be.  This is a country cottage, albeit a large one, careful order is for the town, and isn’t my way of doing things anyway, I have to admit.

I think I’ve been playing too much Scrabble.  I was perturbed, during the night, to play CH and have it rejected.  It seemed that it had been removed from the list of permitted words.  But I had dreamt it, it’s still there.  I’d been quite indignant.  Clearly, I haven’t enough to think about.

I have one more email to write before I go to bed.  Goodnight, darlings.  Hope you sleep well.

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