Z gets on with things and feels the better for it. Z also acquires £80

Talking to friends is so healing.  Not that this isn’t going to be a life-long process, but both talking and listening are good for both parties.  So, here are good things from today.

A friend called in for coffee.

I then went out and met a friend for more coffee.

I met today’s postman in the drive and he stopped to say he was sorry to hear about Russell and we talked for several minutes.  What a nice man.

In the post was a cheque for £25, which is the third Premium Bond win, since Russell died, from his bonds.  I find this quite comforting.

I dusted and hoovered, I cleaned the kitchen and I descaled the filter on the dishwasher.

I got all the papers together for Tim, my accountant – he already had most of the information he needed, but now he has all of it, including some to do with my family trust (it’s a small one, nothing exciting) that I have been too stressed at the thought to deal with for nearly twelve years.  The realisation, finally, that time will not make it easier and that it’s a clear lesson to learn regarding Russell’s estate, pushed me into Just Doing It.  Or rather, to gather things up and employ someone to do it.

I’d found a bundle of Russell’s dividend vouchers and gave them to Tim.  Looking through them, he found £55 in a folded sheet of paper.

Ben has been very loving and cuddly all evening.

I had a delicious ribeye steak for dinner.

I opened a bottle of Prosecco and drank a toast to Russell to thank him for the cheque.  Well, I wanted to thank someone.

This evening, I chilled and watched a film.  I can’t remember the last time I did that.  Maybe soon I’ll manage to read another book.  I haven’t read more than a few pages of one this month yet.  I’ve read maybe half a dozen books in the last four months, when I used to read that many in a week.  It’s not exactly that I can’t concentrate, but that I can’t get interested; or rather, that I can’t care.

Now, I’m going to let the dog out and back in again, have a bath and go to bed.  Stuff to do in the garden tomorrow.

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