Looking around the garden

It is starting to look good.  Give me another year and it will be lovely.  Indeed, a couple of months and it’ll be pretty darned attractive.  At the least, it’s starting to look tidy, though that’s not necessarily a recommendation in my book.  When something is *too* tidy, I wonder what its owners do with their time.

The gravel is nearly all spread, though there are a couple of piles waiting to be raked into their final places.  One of those is a sinkhole.  It was a bit startling because the gravel truck driver nearly lost his lorry into it and no one had any idea that the drive, in that place, was unstable.  It’s where the parking area by the house was widened four or five years ago, when we had the drive re-tarred and gritted, and also took the opportunity to turn a narrowish turning circle into a wide one.  There’s between 450 and 500 square metres outside the house and outbuildings, to our surprise, when LT and I measured it and that doesn’t count the drive itself.  It doesn’t look that big.  Anyway, it’s all clear, except for a single pile of sand that is there for a purpose, and the sinkhole itself – which is where an electric cable was put, I’m perfectly sure.  I’m the only person who knows, I suppose.  We think we know the best way of dealing with it, but I’m hoping my friend Jamie will come and advise, because he has more sense than anyone I know and, if there are any potential problems, he will spot them so that we don’t land ourselves in the soup.

In just over a week, I’ll have lived here 30 years, which is longer than I could live anywhere in the future as well as have done in the past.  I’m so glad that LT likes living here.  I’d willingly move, and we may yet, but regaining a sense of stability is very comforting to me.

Anyway.  There we go.  It’s the blog party tomorrow and we’ve found again that LT and I are a great team.  The cooking is done and most of the food preparation.  The party, having at one time looked like being the biggest ever, is now the smallest, but there are still many of the regulars and four newcomers.  I’m so pleased that long-standing blog friends are willing to come all this way to – well, to be friendly.  It’s lovely.  Many of my very dear friends have been met through the internet.  Including Tim, of course, who is in a category of his own.

2 comments on “Looking around the garden

  1. Vicus Scurra

    Please accept my apologies for being unable to attend or perform the opening ceremony. I have arranged with the Department of Defence in Washington to monitor proceedings. Love and peace.

    1. Z Post author

      You’ll be happy to know that all went smoothly, though you were vastly missed. I think you may hear from Zoë about that.


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