I’m possibly the best payer in town.  I called in at the gravel pit to say we didn’t need the fourth delivery and said I might as well pay at once.  So he added up the invoices and I gave him a cheque.   Then I went home to check I’d got enough in my current account to cover it…

Very hot sunshine and torrential rain alternated today.  Fortunately, LT and I did our stint of gravel shovelling first thing this morning.  Still more to do, Roses and family don’t quite dare bring their cars in yet.  Two more goes will get it done, though, I should think.  At least it looks as if someone cares about the place now.

The outside cats weren’t about yesterday – Zain, the tabby, came to be fed in the morning but none of them in the evening.  Mother cat hasn’t been about for the last couple of weeks.  The four kittens (they’re grown out of kittenhood now but it’s a convenient description) are all very close and affectionate with each other, but mother doesn’t like them much.  She cuffs Zain and also Betty, the only female.  Sometimes she goes off for a few weeks and I wonder if she’s found a family – she would have loved to be an indoor cat here, at least on her terms, but Eloise cat wouldn’t stand for it.  I’m fond of her and miss her when she’s away, but if she were to find a family to feed her and care for her, it would be lovely.  Anyway, today they were all there, and hungry.  Zain and Freddie come to be stroked and Betty can be stroked if she’s not watching, but Barney is still too wary.  They do all trust me but they’re essentially feral.  I have picked Zain up, if necessary (and Mother cat, who is fine) and he doesn’t protest but gets down as soon as he can.  None of them has ever shown teeth or claws to me, at any rate.

Tomorrow, we’re going to have Rupert Spaniel for the day.  Eloise will not be pleased, I’m sure.

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