Lovely bloggy guests

Thank you for coming and being so absolutely lovely.  As Blue Witch says a blog without comments is just a website, so a blog party is nothing without warmly friendly guests.  The food and everything else is not what matters, the company is.

Today, I woke ludicrously early, as I have been doing for the past few weeks, so got up when it was clear I wasn’t sleeping again any time soon, and had finished the washing up and clearing away by 7.30.  Zoe and Mike, with Scout the border collie, had stayed overnight and I had to leave for church before they were downstairs, but got back in time for coffee.  Zoe has a tortoise, so had been to visit Edweena and the Tots and we went out again and actually managed to find all three of them and feed them rose petals.

Eloise cat hasn’t forgiven us for bringing a dog into the house for the second time in a week.  Scout is impeccably behaved and lives with a cat already, but Eloise doesn’t take chances and didn’t come into the house.  I went to fetch her from Roses this morning, but she didn’t stay long.  It’s dusk now, but she hasn’t been in for any food all day.  She’s a home loving cat, she won’t be out all evening I’m sure.

Thank you again, dear friends.  It was so good to see you, to meet Mike and Suzie, to welcome Zoe here for the first time, for Lisa to come to her first blog party, I think, and to the others for coming again and being such great company, and for being so warmly welcoming to me and LT as a couple.  Those of you who couldn’t make it this time – well, if you’d like another party next year, we’ll be happy to host it.

4 comments on “Lovely bloggy guests

  1. Zed

    It was a pleasure and joy to be invited to your wonderful home, hospitality, food and such charming company. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope we can visit again.

  2. Mike and Ann.

    Dear Zoe and Tim, Ann joins me in thanking you both for the lovely food, and the sheer amount of hard work you had both put into last Saturday’s get-together.
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

  3. Z Post author

    Thank you all for coming. As I said in the header before the party, it wouldn’t have been fun without you!


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