Left over for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

Tim made his famous leek quiche yesterday, which we had for dinner with some cavolo nero from the garden. And we thought we’d have some more for lunch today and freeze the rest. However, it turned out that Rose and a friend were invited in for a drink, which became lunchtime, so I made a salad too. So we felt pretty good that we’d got a ready-made, home cooked meal all ready for an impromptu lunch party.

I don’t have the full store cupboard that I used to have, but I’m still pretty sure that I could feed a dozen with half an hour’s notice, at any time. Probably with spaghetti and tomato sauce, to tell the truth, but it could be varied. We certainly have stuff we’ve frozen that could do with being used up. It’s like a long forgotten savings account that doesn’t pay much interest but is bound to come in handy one of these days.

I made the hare into a casserole – it was an enormous one. The thing is, a bigger than usual animal means an older one, which means it requires more cooking. Six hours, it took. And it’s certainly tasty, but we’ve had it twice and there’s enough for four more helpings. So I’m sure we’ll freeze it. But when will we then eat it?

I made yoghurt yesterday and have surplus whey, which will go into the bread I need to make tomorrow. It never stops, does it? Trying hard to waste no food, I am imaginative with leftovers. But it does seem to create quite a bit more work and there are only two of us, who don’t have big appetites. This is no complaint, just an observation with no solution.

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