Catching up

Regular posting and reading of blogs has slipped over the past week. Not entirely sure why, but I may be back on track now.

Jonny came over the other day to talk about the new fence down the drive, which I hope will take shape soon. Tim and I have also been talking about the chicken’s greenhouse, which is looking more and more scruffy. We think it will have to come down and be replaced by a mostly wire run – the main problem is the removal and disposal of the glass. I am not at all sure how that is done. The tip doesn’t take panes of glass, let alone broken panes and there is an awful lot of it. I’m going to have to make enquiries but I think it’ll be very expensive. I don’t think I may even put it in a skip, though that’s the obvious solution if it’s allowed. It isn’t urgent but it would be good to deal with it in the next year. The greenhouse isn’t really unsound but the glass is old and we lose a few panes every year and have to cover the gaps with wire or plastic mesh and it doesn’t look great.

Dora has started her maternity leave, baby being due in four weeks’ time. We’re hoping everyone can come over here for lunch before then – obviously, the baby might scupper plans but she might be along any time in the next six weeks, come to that. I hope she isn’t late – Dora is so petite that carrying a whole lot of baby is quite uncomfortable.

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