Z has a pressing problem

I’ve been letting the ironing build up for the last few weeks. I had nearly all the tablecloths and four duvets to iron, for a start. Today was the day. Eloise cat thought so too and came to help.

I went and washed the leeks for Tim’s quiche. She’d moved slightly when I came back, so I had room for napkins on the ironing board. It took quite some time for her to be bored enough to move, but I did get the ironing done and I feel very self-satisfied. So does Tim, his quiche having proved to be as delicious as it always is. It was the first thing that he cooked for me, as I have said many times.

And yes, she’s a fat cat. I don’t think we overfeed her and we don’t leave dry food down for her any more, but she doesn’t move a huge amount. She potters about in the garden, unlike Rummy who’s a lean hunter. Rose gets presents from him, which we don’t, luckily. She’s completely recovered from her operation last spring and doesn’t limp at all, thank goodness. I don’t from my broken foot in July, either, but I can still feel it. The doctor said that it would take at least eight months to recover completely, so I suppose I’m on track. I’ve a horrid feeling that wearing heels will be an occasional event in future, though. Such a pity. I’ve never been one for extreme heels but I do like a bit of lift. Downhill all the way, in all respects, it seems.

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