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Just had my final Indian breakfast for a while. Idli, sambar and the rest. Wink had an egg. I also had toast, butter and honey and some pineapple and guava. I know darlings, it’ll all stop once I’m home and I shall stop eating so much. However, the sensible practice of this hotel in providing every bedroom with a set of bathroom scales means that I could weigh myself at the start and finish of this holiday and that I’ve put on half a kilo is a considerable relief as I’d prepared myself for three or four.

In his email last night the Sage came out with a real Norfolk expression. Describing his evening activities, he said “and it was 10.30 time I got home.” He doesn’t talk with a trace of a Norfolk accent but doesn’t realise he uses the odd expression.

Receiving daily letters from my husband has been a new experience for me. I’ve emailed him in the past when away, but this is the first time I’ve been out of Europe since he learned to email. His letters are very entertaining, badly spelled and a bit randomly typed – there’s nothing wrong with his spelling normally but it goes haywire when he types – and very chatty. We have a single black chick, hatched a few days ago. There was a second but it didn’t survive, in spite of the Sage’s best efforts at revival.

I’ve finally relaxed enough to sleep well. It took quite long enough, it’s just been the last couple of nights. Our flight is 5.30 tomorrow morning so we’ll have a sleepless night at the airport which will put me back to normal I expect. Still, no matter.

It’s been a wonderful fortnight, we’ve had such fun. It’ll be lovely to be home of course, but I’ll miss India and my friends. Jill, who lives in London, left in the early hours today and Maja and Marina leave a few hours before us. The rest of the family has dispersed and we will see Kamala in an hour or so. We spent last evening with J, M, M, the bride and groom Nandini and Joe and friends Sanjeev and Jack, at the cricket club. After an hour or two eating delicious hot and cold snacks which I thought constituted dinner, we were served dinner. We ate dinner anyway.

Hope you’re all well, I’ve looked at a few blogs while I’ve been away but commenting hasn’t been easy so I’ll catch up when I get home. Love to you all and if you have been, thanks for listening.

Zoë xx

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  1. Z

    I’m in a coffee shop with wifi! Yes it has – that is, I left England on a Tuesday and am returning on a Tuesday though I’ll actually have had 12 days here. I don’t think you’ve had the last of the posts about India though, and there will be some photos.


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