Coffee, lentils and oranges

It was a charming and moving service in the small church. Many of the choir are Joe’s relations, they sang really well and perhaps with extra feeling on this family occasion. Then there was the reception, which included a three-tier iced cake – sponge cake with butter icing, it was very good. Mel told our Croatian friends that they should make a wish as they ate. She and I did too. It occurs to me now that I should have wished not to have gained whole lots I’d weight while I’ve been here, but I fear it’s too late.

There was yet another get-together at Joe’s parents’ house last night, but I’m afraid the four of us Europeans didn’t stand the pace and we stayed in our hotel. I was going to buy Wink a birthday drink but it turned out that the hotel was dry! No alcohol licence. So we trailed back to our rooms, feeling we’d shown ourselves up rather by asking.

And so we toasted Wink’s birthday with instant black coffee and ate fried lentil snacks – I don’t know what they’re called, yellow like grains of rice, not at all spicy, very tasty – and oranges that we had brought from Chennai.

This morning we had breakfast with Joe’s relations (I ate a ridiculous amount again), said goodbye and now are on our way back to Chennai. I’ll post this from the hotel.

Later – here we are again, back in sunny Chennai, about to order a chicken sandwich and a glass of beer. Chin chin, dear hearts.


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