A nod and a Wink

It was a lovely relaxed friendly party last night hosted by Joe’s parents. We met his relations, some of whom we’d been introduced to at the wedding in Chennai. This morning we were taken (they are so hospitable) to the Gold Temple which was remarkable. A huge place with lovely gardens and the entire temple really is covered in gold leaf – a tonne and a half of pure gold went into its construction. Getting in was something of a ritual in itself. A wealthy cult whose leader started it 20 years ago when he was only 16.

As I write, we’re on our way back to the hotel after lunch, will get changed and then off for the marriage blessing in a church housed in the fort. There is also a temple and a mosque in this fort, there’s complete religious tolerance.

By the way, in case you’re surprised at a Christian ceremony, Christianity came to India long before the days of the British Raj, in the 2nd century AD. There are around 30 million Christians in the country, a sizeable minority religion. Mixed religion marriages are relatively uncommon however, I was told.

And today is Wink’s birthday


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