A passage from India

I’m home, darlings, and so is Wink.  The most notable thing about the journey was the unexpected upgrade – woo hoo! – Wink went through first because she’s damaged a tendon in her leg and asked to board early because standing for a long time is very painful, and was surprised and pleased that she was also upgraded.  She spent the next ten minutes wondering how to break the news.  I, meantime, queued as one should, arrived to have my boarding pass checked and was asked to wait as my seat had been changed.  And then “you’ve been upgraded!” – and I thought woo hoo – oh bugger, I’ll have to do the decent thing and give my seat to Wink.  So when we discovered we were both in the same boat as it were, we were jolly pleased, especially when a woman was making a fuss about her teenage daughters having to sit apart “I paid £975* each for those tickets, you know,” – mind you, that was return – and we jolly well hadn’t.

I’m tired tonight, too tired to write much.  I’ll see what pictures I have tomorrow, not huge lots actually and I hope I’ll be able to pinch some of the wedding photos.  It really has been brilliant.  Wink and I have got on really well, never a cross word (The Hindu’s crosswords are easier than The Times, btw) and it was lovely to see our friends again and meet new people too.  I even gave our new Croatian friends the address of this blog.  I hardly give anyone that, they may not have realised how unusual it is (Wink told them about the Razorblade).

One thing’s for sure, I’m never again going to arse about taking the train to a London airport.  It’s the coach for me.  The cost is about the same, it’s bus station to door, no exhausting trek across London and no broken down East Anglian trains and no information about substitutes.

The Sage tells me he has cooked my dinner.  The rest of the evening will be devoted to him.  It’s only fair.  Mind you, an early night is planned.  Nothing on for tomorrow morning (not clothes, silly, no appointments until the afternoon) so I’ll probably talk to the plants in the greenhouse and have a cup of tea with Dilly.

*about that, darlings, can’t remember the exact sum

12 comments on “A passage from India

  1. Z

    Well, I don’t suppose we’d have been randomly upgraded, but it was a very kind gesture under the circs, especially to upgrade me too. This morning … mostly doing laundry.

  2. Christopher

    Glad you’re back safely. Upgrades are great, aren’t they? And they really get up the nose of people who paid the full price. Tho’ I don’t expect you told them.

  3. mig

    I’ve just caught up with your last few posts – looking forward to pics and hoping it’s not too cold in England now you’re back!


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