Labourer in waiting

I spent the day with Weeza again.  It was the same when she was expecting Zerlina, she was glad of maternal support.  Last time it was her first baby, this time she has a nearly-three-year-old (and the childminder on holiday) to look after.  This morning, Zerlina and I made cupcakes.  Yes, I know that I normally say fairy cakes, in the proper, traditional manner, but they were made using a Hummingbird recipe, so I will call it what the shopkeeper calls it, because that’s only fair.  Admittedly, we only made half the given quantity of icing.  The big thing about the cupcake fad is the quantity of icing.  More than cake.  Huge.  Tasty, but too much.

It all went very well and we each ate a cupcake after lunch.  Then Zerlina went for her nap, but she was too cheerful to sleep and she sang and talked to herself for nearly an hour.  Weeza gave her an early supper and I trust there were not tears before bedtime from anyone.

I offered to have Zerlina to stay, but I hadn’t really thought it through.  The childminder returned from holiday today, and z is due to go to her tomorrow and Wednesday.  Those were the nights I’d meant to offer; I’m busy on Thursday.

In the garden, I noticed ripe figs dangling over Weeza’s neighbour’s fence over the footpath that separates their two gardens.  I mentioned them.  Weeza said that she had left them the first year and they had dropped, unpicked.  Since, she has rescued them.  We saved seven figs and I brought two of them home.  Well, *home* – they didn’t last the journey, I’m afraid.  The Sage is not fond of figs, though I suspect it is only because he expects the hard seeds of the imported sort.  He did go out to check our fig tree and found that none was ripe, but eleven of his apples were.  He was very pleased.

I received several emails during the day = that is, several that counted as letters, so are very welcome.  I have to reply to the business ones tonight, but others will be answered, with much pleasure.  Thank you.

11 comments on “Labourer in waiting

  1. mig

    Something to look forward to, making cakes with the Grand baby. I may have to learn to make cakes first though.
    Thank you for visiting my place.

  2. Z

    My pleasure, Mig. My mother never made cakes until she had grandchildren, but it turned out that she was very good at it.

    When faced with a cake with too much icing, I eat the cake and leave the icing, Dave.

  3. Z

    I rather expected you to say that, Dave. There’s a difference, however, between being reluctant to eat your greens as a five-year-old and recognising when you’ve had enough to eat and then stopping, as an adult. And leaving sugar on your plate that you’d really quite like to eat is a worthwhile exercise in self-discipline.

  4. Christopher

    Figs in Norfolk (just)! I never knew they flourished so far north. Ours are just coming in, but often there’s serious competition with hornets. Early in the morning is the best time for picking; hornets like a long lie.

  5. Z

    They grow very well here, Chris. I like a long lie too, but the Sage is quite good about remembering to pick them.

    I find it easier to turn down something I’d like to eat than to leave half of it on the plate in front of me, Dave. That’s the real test of self-discipline, having temptation continually in front of you and continuing to resist it.


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