Dainty Z

It seems that it’s my tiny little delicate paws that are the difficulty.  I simply wasn’t pushing the end of the pump hard enough on to the valve on the bike tyre.  The Sage has succeeded in pumping up the tyre now, and so I can go out and do my shopping by bicycle.  Yay.

You can probably tell, that was a yay said without much enthusiasm.  It’s only because I wish to support my local shops that I don’t buy everything on the internet.  It was jolly useful when Al had his shop, I could ring him up and ask him to bring stuff home with him.  He did deliver in fact, and one of his customers used to phone all the local shops, get them to deliver what she wanted to him and then he would take it all to her.  She was elderly and couldn’t get out easily and it was ideal, saving time and trouble for everyone.  Everyone for Al, that is, but he was going to her anyway so it was little more bother.

I was talking to Weeza tonight on the phone.  I rang to see how she is: fine, still pregnant.  It’s Zerlina’s birthday in less than two weeks and we were talking about her presents and what to get her that she will be able to use with little or no help.  Weeza was a bit rueful about the thought that she won’t get all the attention for much longer.  “You might not have thought much about having siblings when you were young,” I said.  “You must be glad of them now though.  Just think, otherwise, your father and I would be your entire responsibility.”  She acknowledged that it is a burden she is glad to be able to share.  Especially now that we realise how puny my finger muscles are.

11 comments on “Dainty Z

  1. Roses

    I confess I do some of the weekly shop over the internet. Saves having to lug heavy and bulky stuff around.

    But my local shops would laugh at me if I asked them to deliver. I know I’m lazy, but not that lazy.

    Can’t wait for the denizen in the bump to appear. Weeza did look like she’d had enough last weekend. And she doesn’t strike me as being the patient sort.

  2. Rog

    It’s funny how the old co-op delivery boy with his bike has been replaced by 10,000 Tesco delivery vans using sat navs. That lad knew how to work…

  3. Z

    I had two large bagfuls of fruit and veg on Saturday, I’d have struggled to carry that home. I thought you did your shopping at Tesco’s, Dave?

    The baby is not actually due for another week, but we are waiting impatiently.

    I know, Rog, he was a marvel.

  4. Anonymous

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  5. Dave

    I do a monthly shop of bulky items at Tescos, true, but I walk to my local shops for bread, milk, fruit and te like most days.

    When one doesn’t have many pleasures in life, one must take what one can, and retail therapy certainly is theraputic.

  6. Pat

    All in all there is a lot to be said to have a man around the house – although we have a slight finger problem just now – courtesy of chemo I think.

  7. Alienne

    Co-op boy on a bike? Ours had a wooden leg and a van – I suppose riding a bike with a wooden leg might have been difficult. I get my groceries delivered too. It has to be marginally better for the environment, it creates a few more jobs – and I hate traipsing round supermarkets. I use the little mini market round the corner to fill in the gaps when I have forgotten something or run out.

  8. Christopher

    Apart from the periodic supermarket shop, all our stuff comes from the village shops, which J. visits daily in the same spirit as Dave. This is the most prosaic comment I have ever written.

  9. mig

    One of the nice things about going to Oxford to baby mind for my daughter is that there is are shops within walking distance. And one of them is a bead shop. More, baby likes the bead shop too.


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