Krakow – pictures 3 – an interlude

I had been told about the smoked cheese that looked like a small loaf of bread, so I was pleased to find an old countrywoman selling them. I bought one for 7 zlotysch, which is about £1.40 (5 zloty to the £ is fairly accurate and easy to convert). I wrapped it in 5 plastic bags so that it would not infuse my suitcase and brought it home.

It’s very tasty and I can recommend it. Slightly salty, pleasantly smoky and it did, indeed, fool the Sage into thinking it was bread. I produced what was left at dinner tonight – my daughter El was here, visiting a friend just out of hospital and the whole family, except Phil, were here for dinner. Toothless Pugsley chewed happily on shreds of chicken and parsnip and Squiffany tucked into everything, although she had had her tea at 5 o’clock as usual.

They all went into fits of laughter. They found it a Rude Cheese. Prompted by her father, Squiffany observed “it’s like a willy, it looks like a willy”. Anything I said made matters worse. Such as describing it as ‘semi-hard’ and saying ‘it looked different before I cut off one end’.

Okay, I can see what they mean, but really me*…

And this is for Badgerdaddy. I was there a month too early. Bet it was already sold out though.

*The Sage finds it very hard to be cross and this is about his strongest expression of annoyance. And my gentlest.

18 comments on “Krakow – pictures 3 – an interlude

  1. martin

    Good job I only have to get Hob Nobs and not this cheese…….. I could not have it in my car too long.
    Must break the ice at parties though.

  2. Z

    If I had even mentioned a Nob, whether Hob or other, the ribald laughter would have reverberated even in London.

  3. Dandelion

    No offence, but what strange willies you must have in your family…Personally, I think it looks like a scone.

    (That’s not a royal grafton majestic, is it?)

  4. Z

    I wasn’t quite able to get the full phallic effect in a photo on the dining table, Dandelion.

    And yes, it is.

  5. Z

    34 years old, and now in use every day. As is the silver cutlery – life’s too short to ‘keep for best’!

  6. Z

    Badgerdaddy! Bad man!!(!)

    Get anywhere? What, do you think I propositioned him or something?

    Fabulous voice, of course. Music to listen to when I’m very relaxed. Which I am now, actually – as in rather mellowly drunkenly hazily relaxed. Not that that level of relaxation is needed for the IH experience, I’m just lucky.

    Dandelion – he is dreadful. Thank you for defending me. Actually, in person, he’s very polite, even though he says ‘fuck’ a lot.

  7. Dandelion

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m not against cock in the right context. It’s just that it didn’t seem somehow quite apropos in a place of such wanton decorum.

  8. badgerdaddy

    Well, that must be someone who knows me then… Yes, I always swear to distract. Otherwise people tend to fixate on my good looks, blue eyes and utterly disarming smile.

    And that can be a problem.

    Great pics though Z, the opera house ones especially. Fantastic.

    Now I have the urge to listen to “By The Time I Get To Phoenix’.

    And dandelion, it could have been worse! I’m sure I just typed what others were thinking there…

  9. Z

    None of us is against cock in the right context… wanton decorum is great, Dandelion and exactly describes me.

    Anonymous, do I know you as well? I suspect you know who I am, at least.

    I wouldn’t call BD fat, though he does incline in the muscularly well-padded direction.

  10. Z

    Honey, you have charm, good looks and all the entertaining vices and virtues with none of the unpleasant ones.

    If you got rid of WV, I’d be very happy.


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