Krakow pictures – 2

This street let to the old part of the city from the castle. All the buildings were gorgeous.

This was a paint effect, not decorative brickwork.

This amused us. It was Monday, when it was extremely hot.
First, a young woman filled her water bottle from the fountain.

Then, a handsome red setter approached.

Of course, for full hilarious effect, the two events should have happened in reverse order.

No comment…

Many buildings were in a fine state of repair, but others are, as yet, untouched – though none the less attractive. I like old brickwork. There was quite a lot of scaffolding up – I’ve no idea whether these buildings are privately owned or not or, of course, who pays for the renovation.

The end is in sight, darlings, only another two or three lots of photos to come. Mind you, then I’ll write nonsense instead…

7 comments on “Krakow pictures – 2

  1. Z

    None of those at all, although there were, out of the old city, some concrete blocks of flats.

    Ah, I’ve a picture that’s specially for you. Tomorrow.

  2. Z

    Martin, how do you know that I’m on coffee duty tomorrow?* Shall I send you the rota in future? Even better, would you like to go on the coffee or flower rota yourself?

    No seaside pictures this time, but some slightly dodgy ones with cheese coming up…

    As for the Hob Nobs, I think you might need all you’ve got yourself, before long.

    *and have done sod all about it


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