Krakow – pictures 4

I hoped that, when I enlarged it, the bugle player would show up, but you can’t really see him. However, trust me, he’s there. The open window, right below the elaborate spire. As soon as the clock has chimed the hour, he opens the window, plays a jolly tune, waves, closes it, opens the next-but-one window, plays the same tune and repeats until he has covered all four directions. This happens round the clock and is, apparently, in commemoration of a buglar who saved the city from invasion many centuries ago by sounding the alarm.

Nowadays, two buglars climb the tower and stay there for 24 hours – it’s a long way up and, I suppose, that’s better for them than more frequent changes of watch.

The main square is enormous but is divided by the Cloth Hall. Which had some repair work going on around it.

Scaffolding all over the place, but it’s repair and not replacement – although there is new building outside the old part of the city.

The university courtyard.

Another hourly ceremony. Ro asked why I didn’t film it rather than take a lot of still pictures. Good question.

The city used to be surrounded by a city wall and moat, but when this fell into disrepair and stagnation, it was decided to replace it with a green belt around the city centre. It’s a pity that virtually none of the wall was kept, but what a good idea, to keep a band of cool greenery safe from development.

It was also useful for helping you in keeping your bearings…

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