It’ll be fun…

I finished the mowing, not only my lawn but the annexe’s one too and the place looks a lot tidier.  Only because short grass gives a good impression, it’s not really tidy at all.  However, I feel cheered by what’s been done.  As for the rest of the grass, I’ve asked R to spend an hour (a Russell-hour will probably be about 20 minutes, what with one thing and another!) most evenings, so that all the rough grass has been cut by the end of the month.  Otherwise, it’ll need to be scythed, and I’m the grim reaper of this family by choice – I rather like using a scythe, but there’s an awful lot of grass.

I do feel that a fair bit has been achieved this weekend, and took the precaution of an early bath this evening, to pre-empt any achiness.  And, with all the indoor sorting-out that R did while I was away (just a cupboard, the place doesn’t look any tidier), he found a few old photos, mostly featuring the childish Ro and Al.  I will scan them onto the computer and put them on Facebook when I get around to it.  Heh.

I’ve just bought a new DVD player (Blu-ray player, in fact), my old one having packed in two or three years ago.  I bought it from John Lewis of course – actually, I did some price comparison online and found the best price there – but sadly, a bit of a JL fail.  Nowhere in the info on the machine does it mention that nothing is provided to connect it with the TV.  And when I discovered that and looked on their website again, the HDMI cables were surprisingly expensive.  Good old eBay has come to my rescue.  So it will be on Tuesday that I’ll see if the thing works.  And once it does, investigate Netflix.  I’m going to learn to relax mindlessly in front of the goggle box again if it kills me.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to Norwich to spend the day with Dilly and the children.  I hope to be allowed to spoil them mercilessly with treats.

6 comments on “It’ll be fun…

  1. Mike Horner

    I quite envied you seeing two of your grandchildren tomorrow; until I remembered we’ve got Sarah, Mikey, two grandchildren and their two dogs coming for a day or so later in the week. Grandchildren really are the ideal arrangement, aren’t they?

  2. mig

    My Gorgeous GrandBabe is beginning to expect treats from the bead shop, just down the road from her home, every week. This is fine when I want to go there anyway! But I must try not to do it every week? Maybe.
    It’s wonderful how mowing makes things look quite different. (you should see my hair!)

  3. Z Post author

    As it happened, I saw all five, quite unexpectedly, and I’ve brought Zerlina home with me, also unexpectedly, which is lovely. I’ll explain later…

    I’ve always tried not to get into the way of that – a treat of some kind usually happens, mind you, but it’s getting the right balance. I get my hair cut monthly, it’s my main way of pampering myself … and my hair grows quickly.

    It takes standard ones too, John, I made sure of that.

    Indigo, I’d be upset if you didn’t come, unless you had a rock-solid excuse (as Mig has, this time). Please do come xx

  4. Sir Bruin

    Relaxing mindlessly in front of the goggle box is my forte. Give me shout if you are struggling to get the hang of it.


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