Madame Fifi

We met in the book department at Jarrold’s, the five of us.  I’m rather sad that it has recently been moved down to the basement, or *lower ground floor* as so many shops have it, as this seems to debase its worth.  I’m not sure, myself – many are the times I’ve impulse-bought a couple of books on my way through the shop, but I didn’t even glance at the expensive handbags that have replaced them.

We shopped, then went for lunch at the Castle Museum, where we spent the rest of the day.  Over lunch, I had the rare opportunity to regale someone with information without them rolling their eyes – at least, Squiffany was polite enough not to do that openly, and Dilly was so kind as to say she’d learned things too (about snakes, mostly).

We were in the Roman Britain exhibition, of items on loan from the British Museum, when I had a phone call from Weeza.  My phone battery was nearly spent, but I answered (it wasn’t busy in there and no one glared, honestly) and Weeza told me that Gus had a rash again, but that this time it had been diagnosed as … flea bites.  They’re all puzzled.  A cat or dog has never even entered the house, probably – the previous owner didn’t have one, as he used it as a weekend hideaway, and before that it was a church.  The floors are all wooden or tiled, though there are rugs where fleas could breed.  Anyway, Weeza wondered if I might be able to have Zerlina tomorrow, so that she can douse everywhere with suitable insecticide.  Explaining that I was already in Norwich, I suggested having her for the night, and said I’d phone back when I was in the car, charging the phone again.

So tonight, we have both Zerlina and Rupert the Spaniel to stay.  Gus is going to the childminder’s, since he isn’t infectious.  Not yet sure whether z will stay tomorrow night too, as Weeza and I had already planned to meet up on Wednesday but, although she’s happy to be here, she did have a bit of a bedtime blip, soon cured with a phone call home, so she might be doubtful about staying a second night.  We’ll see, we can take it as it comes.

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