It appears that Z, asking for help, is irresistible

It’s been a good day, it seems. Today’s lecture was excellent, and it was a pleasure to deliver the vote of thanks although, since I’m not ever so au fait with most of the Scottish Colourists (better with the Glasgow Boys, less again with the Glasgow Girls who are superb) I was really speaking off the cuff from knowledge gleaned during an hour’s lecture.

Anyhoo, before the lecture, in my introduction’n’notices (yes darlings, I do that too) I asked if anyone might be interested in being the next Treasurer? I said that Nick, the present incumbent, declares that it’s the easiest job on the committee and a particular doddle if you can do it on an Excel spreadsheet (I swear, I nearly offered to do the job myself) and I was able to add, truthfully, that it’s the friendliest and most purposeful committee I’ve ever been on. Nevertheless, I was surprised and pleased when a chap rang up this evening who is considering putting himself forward for the job. I’ve asked Nick to contact him to tell him what’s entailed, and my fingers are crossed.

So, I had a couple of hours of purposeful shopping to put in. In that time, I bought a few bits and pieces (such as paper hankies in those little travel packs) and, more necessarily, 4 pairs of shoes, 1 handbag, 1 pair of trousers, 1 skirt and 1 top. 4 pairs of shoes might seem a bit of a lot, but I don’t remember buying any at all last year, and quite a few of my shoes are fairly unwearable now because they are too high or too low heeled. I put my little lift in each right shoe and they all seem fine. One is an impressively purposeful pair of (look, excuse the vagueness, I don’t buy this sort of thing normally) the sort of walking boots that look like trainers. I’m not a trainer girl, I’m a high heel girl at heart, but I’m going to do a lot of walking next week and I’m a reformed (that is, no longer stupid) character these days.

The trousers, now that’s odd. I tried 3 pairs. The first was a size 12 and it fitted, but was more suited for someone younger, frankly. A bit too figure-hugging. The second, size 10, was fine. The third, size 10 again, was too small. I could barely do it up. The odd thing is that they were all the same make.

In the next shop, I cautiously (since it was a Petite range) took a size 10 and a size 12 skirt into the changing room. The 10 was fine. Especially if I diet strenuously for the next few days. Um, was Spaghetti Carbonara the best choice for dinner tonight? But…it’s so tasty……..

Another phone call this evening was from the church treasurer, whose official form doesn’t quite take into account the intricacies of our accounts (I’d explain, but your eyes are glazing already, so I’ll be kind). Anyway, all she needs to do is explain what she’s done and why to a Person of Authority. So could I call round tonight? – AGM tomorrow. Of course. Hm, what about my wine intake? Pfft, I’ll go on my bike. So that’ll be fine.

I’m off now. Have a most lovely evening, dear hearts, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

8 comments on “It appears that Z, asking for help, is irresistible

  1. PI

    Aigle are a name to remember when looking for the lightest, most comfy light walking boots. East Pack they are called and French natch

  2. Z

    Thank you, Pat. My daughter assures me that they’re so ‘breathable’ that one’s feet don’t get hot in walking boots but I frankly don’t believe her, so next time I’m in the mood for shopping I’ll look out for them.

    Dave, you didn’t let me down.

  3. Sheer Almshouse

    Z.. I did something recently that I never do either: I travelled in trainers. I had to actually put together an outfit that would make them seem purposeful 🙂

    Remember the accessories!


  4. Z

    Glad I’m not the only one, LOM.

    SA, I seem to have been regressing to adolescence recently and living in jeans. Not my usual style, but it enables comfy shoes to go unnoticed.

  5. badgerdaddy

    That would be a ‘multi-terrain, multi-activity’ shoe, then…
    There’s some really good ones out there – I have a pair of Hi-Tec which I think are great, but brasher make some nice ones. If you’re worried about your feet getting hot, don’t get a GORE TEX lined shoe – that’s a waterproof membrane between material layers in the shoe.
    Ooooh, you could get a pair of Hi Tec’s shoes that have the ion mask treatment – they’re amazing. It’s a waterproofing treatment, but on a mesh shoe (possibly like the trainer-style ones you saw) it just waterproofs the fabric. So your foot would still get wet, but the shoe would stay dry. More useful than it sounds – water literally rolls off the fabric, so if they get wet, you just shake the water out and the entire shoe is dry. It’s genius – I did a feature on it here. Actually, that’s the second piece, I can’t find the first.
    It’s great stuff and far better environmentally than gore lining. Not dissing gore, but it seems to be quite a chemical-heavy, slightly wasteful process.
    I’m rambling. You get the idea.


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