Small pleasure of the day – setting off the warning speed light in Bridge Street as I sailed down the hill on my bike. It’s a 20mph limit, but still made me smile.

Big pleasure of the day – Weeza and Dilly persuaded me that I could take time off to go to the park with them and the children. It was lovely in the sunshine, we had a picnic and, since no one else was there so that I could be looked upon with disapproval for going on the children’s play equipment, I had a lovely swing. Weeza took my picture to prove it.

Slight bummer of the day – it was the church AGM, and I had to write a report. This catches me out every year; I forget. I remembered this year, but only did it this afternoon (I’d have done it earlier if I hadn’t gone to the park…). However, it sounded awfully impressive.

Extra pleasure of the day – Friend Daphne is here and it’s lovely to see her. She lives near Canterbury – it’s a bit more than 3 hours drive away, just a bit too much for a casual lunchtime visit. We’ve all our various commitments so don’t see each other as often as we’d like. She and the Sage have known each other for over 50 years, since she moved here from India, where her father had been an army Colonel.

9 comments on “Pleasures

  1. Dave

    People who have posted videos on YouTube of themselves speeding have been prosecuted. I’m not sure whether making claims of law-breaking on your blog falls into the same category.

  2. Z

    I appear to have been caught Bang To Rights, whatever that means. In mitigation, I plead that bicycles do not have speedometers, so one doesn’t know how fast one is going at the time. An average speed camera would show that usually I go at half that speed or less. In fact, sometimes it would be as quick to walk.

  3. Dave

    My bike’s got a speedometer. I’ve never managed to get anywhere near the speed limit with it.

    Mind you, I heven’t been down the hill here yet.

  4. Z

    20 mph downhill isn’t all that hard, even for me, as long as there isn’t a nasty bend at the end in anticipation of which one must exercise caution.

  5. Aleesuhn_Muhree

    I’m going to sound like a total American (besides the fact that I am), but when you mentioned that your friend lives in Canterbury, I now would like to re-read the Canterbury Tales. . . is that incredibly sad?

  6. Z

    Not at all, you make me happy. Not that I’ve read the whole of the Canterbury Tales myself, or not in the original – just the Prologue and the Wife of Bath for English A level and the rest in translation. Time for a revisit myself, I think.

    Have you visited England?

  7. Z

    The town I live near is about 16 miles from Lowestoft and is called Yagnub (read it backwards), and it’s there. Lowestoft is almost completely flat (except for the Ravine and Rant Score, for any locals who may chance by). When I was learning to drive my instructor was away once and the one who gave me a lesson instead had me reversing round a corner downhill. I made a complete hash of it, but that was the one I had to back round in my test. Got it right then, so I was glad of the practice.


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