Post early, post often

I lost yesterday, in blogging terms – that is, the post I wrote was published at 5.30 this morning, although I wrote it last night (and then backdated it to before midnight). I don’t think this demonstrates obsessive behaviour, oh no indeed.

Ro didn’t do anything about the internet connection; he said it might fix itself. So I restarted both boxes again this morning and after about half an hour I gained a tentative connection.

Having been very tired the other evening and gone to bed early, I’ve been earlyish each night since – all that sea air on Sunday made me sleepy and I seemed to be following a pattern by then. However, last night I had a reminder of why it suits me better to go to bed after midnight. Having been tucked up in dreamland by 11, I was awake by 3 and haven’t slept since. Back to normal hours tonight, I think.

9 comments on “Post early, post often

  1. Dandelion

    Hang on, let me get this straight: You wrote it last night, backdated it to before midnight, and then it wasn’t published until 5.30am. How does that work?

  2. Anonymous

    Proof that ‘Z’ actually stands for Zombie!

    [Can’t believe no-one else took the bait for that gag šŸ˜› ]


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