Isn’t it a nobby one?

Today has gone very well. Last night, I knitted together, in pairs, the last 16 stitches of my hat. I was, until the last few rows, undecided as to whether to sew it up or to unravel the whole thing and start again. It isn’t perfect, to say the least. However, once I’d done, I encouraged myself to finish the job. After a good night’s sleep.

And so, this morning, that is what I did. I had a cheery online chat with Badgerdaddy and then I did a bit of work and then I got on with it. I’d had a bit of difficulty in deciding when to start reducing the rows, as it was not easy to count – evidently, I should have used a marker. It seemed about right and, more vitally, I judged that the wool I had left wouldn’t stretch much further, so I was glad when I put the unmade-up hat against my head and found it wasn’t a bad fit. Once finished, there actually was some wool left over, so I added a few rows to the scarf, which I’d providently (not providentially, it was deliberate) left on the needle against the opportunity to lengthen it and then finished that off too.

Later, I cycled into town wearing both hat and scarf. This means I have resoundingly carried out one of my NY resolutions, which was to knit and wear something. I’m still working on the music one and haven’t started on the others, but it’s only mid-February so there’s plenty of time.

But before that, I discovered that the post had arrived. And in it was a pair of most splendid walking poles, which were a gift from the company, or at any rate its PR people. I’m quite embarrassed about this, as I’m not exactly a target customer, but at the same time my good friend who arranged the gift was entirely truthful, as was I in my letter of thanks. It’s only fair to give them a plug – the Vango Walker is what I have and although they haven’t yet been used for more than striding around the house, they seem well designed and made (isn’t telescopic always a pleasure?) and there’s a little compass in the top, which is such a nice touch. I love gadgets and they just might have found themselves a new customer. Next time, a paying one.

Then I had my hair cut, which is always a pleasure.

Ro, who still has a cold, roasted himself by the fire tonight. His arm is quite red. I’ve been up to find my après sun stuff, which I didn’t need at all last summer.

Tonight, Al and Dilly are at the Bee Club meeting, the first of the year. The Sage (who blotted his copybook on consecutive days, oh dear oh dear) is babysitting, but I expect I’ll take over from him later.

Oh, there is one thing that has annoyed me. I bought a bar of Green & Black’s cherry chocolate a while ago, and we’ve been eating it in the past week or so. Now, G&B chocolate isn’t quite what it was, since it was bought out by a major brand (Cadbury’s, I think, but am open to correction) – for one thing, they’ve added milk to their plain chocolate, and what’s all that about? But anyway, what I like about this particular chocolate is the delish sour cherries. So, when I was in the Little Green Shop this afternoon, I bought a small pack of sour cherries, thinking that I could nibble on a few of those and bypass the chocolate. But when I got them home I read the label and found that they have added vegetable oil and sugar. What’s the point of that, then? Is it because they are American and everything is high fat/high sugar in America? Surely not. Anyway, I ate a couple. They are too sweet and slightly oily. I’ll probably hide them at the back of the cupboard for a couple of years and then throw them out. Not at all nice, and disappointing. Why call them sour if the sourness has been eliminated?

14 comments on “Isn’t it a nobby one?

  1. Diane

    Dear Z, Thank you for the nice comment to my post, Happy late Valentine’s day to you, too. I’m glad you got your hat finished. It really makes you feel good, doesn’t it. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Z

    Thank you, Diane. I am no knitter, so am very pleased with my poor effort. I had it finished just in time for the weather to change for the better – now I’ve got a warm hat, spring has to be round the corner!

  3. martina

    Z-you are so right about American foods being high in fat and sugar. Many things have transfats and corn syrup in them. In my mind, there is no better candy bar than a Cadbury Yorkie raisin bar. I used to always seek them out when in the UK. You can’t buy them here.

  4. heybartender

    Oh I do love Green and Black’s. If this is how they are when lower in quality, I can’t imagine what they must have been like before.
    That whole corn syrup/extra oil with a large side of fat thing is very annoying. I feel like we got to the “Better Living Through Chemistry” era (50’s?) and never went back. One more reason to be jealous of you, I suppose.

  5. jen

    you should write those chocolate people a letter. couldn’t hurt, telling them what’s what.

    ps. i never did hear if you liked Zero 7. for some reason i was reminded of it tonight.

  6. Dave

    I have a sweet tooth. I’m sure I’d manage to force the cherries down.

    I like gadgets too.

    Oh, and it’s about time I had my hair cut, I think. I’m deliberately growing it longer, but five months without a visit to the barber may be economically good, but perhaps not tonsorially so.

  7. The Allotment Blogger

    Z, you could wash the cherries – put them in a bowl of hottish water for half an hour to lift the oil and then run them under more warm water to lift most of it, and the sugar, away. At least then you could use them in scones or fruitcake. Waste not, want not …

    It is Cadbury that took over G&B. Being Sussex based I get my chocolate from Montezuma’s now.

  8. Liz

    I didn’t realise Green and Blacks had been taken over (I really must pay more attention to current affairs) – I thought it tasted different.

    Your knitting story reminded me of my mum. She hadn’t knitted for about 15 years and only took it up again in order to knit baby clothes for my brother’s child who arrived last year. Her first attempt at a jacket for the baby was knitted, taken down and re-knitted about four times before she was happy with it!

  9. Z

    Oh Jen, yes I do. Wonderful. Didn’t I ever thank you for the recommendation? Sorry.

    I’m even more peeved about the cherries on reading the label again. I didn’t mind the £2.73 for 120g of cherries, but now I find that the cherry content is a mere 52% I’m a touch resentful. I ate another one, just to check. The flavour is lovely once you get beyond the sugar – which impregnates rather than coats them – but is ruined by the sweetness and the peculiar overlay of oil. Indeed, I’ll probably chuck them in a cake, unless I see Dave before long, in which case he is more than welcome to them.

    Montezuma’s is wonderful. I have an unstarted -0:-) – bar of Orange & Geranium right by me here, and a bar of Chilli chocolate in the kitchen for Ro, who has a cold. I can’t imagine why G&B has been altered, and TW isn’t the only person I know of who hasn’t been able to eat it since because of being lactose intolerant. On the other hand, G&B is a damn sight better than most, even now – though it’s not as satisfying any more.

    I don’t think I’ll show you my hat, BW. I have another ball of wool, which Ro won’t need to finish his scarf. I’ll make another, better one.

  10. Z

    Good thinking, Dave. I seem to remember that bricklayers appreciate regular applications of home-made cake. Especially fruit cake.

  11. lom

    I wondered what was wrong with my chocolate, now I know. Now you will be able to walk even further with your sticks, Hubby brought me one a few years ago on the advice of a friend of his who is a big walker, I loved it from the start, it really does help. Mine doesn’t have a compass though.


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