Ro and the Nasal Irritation

“Urgh” groaned Ro again. “Poor you,” I said sympathetically. “Is it a cold or is it full-blown man flu?” “I suppose I am making a bit of a fuss,” he acknowledged.

I’ll miss him when he moves out, you know. Whenever that will be.

“You know when you get something packed in those polystyrene granules and a bit goes up your nose?” he said. “Well, no, but I have inhaled a feather,” said I. “Well, it feels like that. As if there’s some irritant that you’ve breathed in and it’s right up near your eye.” We talked about polystyrene. Apparently, he’s inhaled it more than once. Stuff was often packed in it where he used to work and in the end he always got someone else to do the unpacking. Most odd.

14 comments on “Ro and the Nasal Irritation

  1. Z

    I hardly think so, Dave. He’s about as likely to do that as you and I would be.

    I’m in the throes of the next 3-month rota for readings, sidesmen, organists and coffee-providers. Wah. The most time-consuming and jugglesome job. Beastly. Woe.

  2. Dave

    Very like trying to sort the quarterly preaching plan, for this circuit of 29 churches (about 38 services each week) with various combinations of lay and ordained preachers, not all of whom are available each week. I used to love it.

    Why shouldn’t Ro use snuff if he wanted to?

  3. Z

    Fortunately, I don’t have to do the rota for the six church services, though at least there are 17 people available, if not for every week. But I don’t have enough volunteers, and some of those do other jobs. For example, if Brenda is sidesman it isn’t reasonable to ask her to do coffee too. And if I’m playing the organ, nor can I, unless I set up the mugs, cafetieres etc and ask someone else to start making coffee. I’ve about 75 slots to fill with about 15-20 volunteers (with not all for all jobs) and I have to take various things into account such as services some people don’t come to and holidays. I’d do more myself as it’s simpler, but I play organ or clarinet twice or three times a month and am on churchwarden duty every week. Church is a job not a pleasure or a spiritual experience as far as I’m concerned, which I regret.

  4. Eddie 2-Sox

    Stop trying to out-do each other, you religious people, I’m sure your god says something along those lines.

    Anyway, Z, what are “walking poles”? You’re sponsoring a north-eastern European charity walk?

  5. Z

    I have to have a moan, Simon, it’s honestly the job I’ll be happiest to dump. I have 5 more to do and then will hand the job over to the poor sod who misguidedly agrees to take over from me. Dave likes that kind of thing, being the sort of chap who knows the date he passed his driving test. I barely remember yesterday.

    I know, walking poles! n my defence, my doctor recommended one. But I was given two poles, as people are kind and lovely.

  6. Eddie 2-Sox

    But what are they?

    And I have no difficulty with moaning. Now I am nearly 41 I have a whole lot to moan about, and will be doing so spectacularly soon.

    Get yer poles out for the lads!

  7. Z

    There’s nothing one can do but wait for it to go up or down. When I inhaled the feather, I coughed it up several days later, which was rather revolting.


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