Hooray for babies

I’m lucky enough to have quite a lot of young friends – by which I mean my children’s ages or younger.  Some of these I’ve met through my kids, others through school, their parents or from blogging.  And quite a few of them are at the time in their lives when they’re having their first babies.

There’s a lot of sadness and worry around at present, in this country and internationally.  And this isn’t a politically minded blog and I’m not going to elaborate, but I doubt if there are many people in Britain, whatever their political views or their social or EU-related ones, who are very confident at present.  Everything is either tits-up already or has the potential to be.  And so I, like many of my friends, have found new year greetings to be considerably more muted than usual.

For this reason, hope and joy are especially welcomed.  So greetings and congratulations to those lovely babies – the most recently born being Violet, now about 30 hours old – and lovingly welcoming good wishes to those due in the next few months.

4 comments on “Hooray for babies


    I posted a small wish on Farcebook before taking some time off. “Love, health and happiness.” Really, what else do we need?
    Here’s to shredding another calendar in style1

    1. Z Post author

      You’re right, Di, and sometimes we need to disengage from anything else. Though not for too long because otherwise the wrong’uns will sneak in and take over.


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