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It’s only the eighth day of Christmas but actually, it’s all over unless you have time on your hands and so do all your friends.  So even (sorry) Chrimbo Limbo is over.  We didn’t take down our decorations because we didn’t put them up in the first place, as we weren’t here on the Day.

Lovely Tim is blogging regularly at present, and he explained the reason the other day.  He may or may not keep it going for the next few months.  He feels no pressure nor obligation, but so far he’s been doing it.  He’s here, if you’ve never had a look.

We talk a good deal, LT and I.  We hardly ever turn on the television and only slightly more often listen to music.  Neither of us really “does” background music, it’s there to be listen to and so it takes away from our conversation.

We’re both reading a good deal at present.  Mostly Christmas books (one of mine is from last Christmas; ie 2016, hem hem) but I’m also reading for the book club that I never thought I’d ever join, ever.  But it’s great because we’re such good friends.

My poor chickens hate the wet weather.  They skulk at the back of the henhouse until I open up the tunnel to the greenhouse, then they scurry through there.  But at least it’s not dark so early.

5 comments on “Five random paragraphs

  1. Liz

    I took my Christmas decorations down yesterday because I haven’t been able to properly clean the lounge for the 16 days that the tree has been up. I’m always pleased to see the back of Christmas.

  2. Blue Witch

    According to the [religious man of the cloth – he might have been Jewish] on R4’s TFTD on 1st, that was the eighth day of Christmas.

    The timing of the 12 days and therefore of twelfth night is surely the most widely debated inconsequential issue of this time of year, every year.

    We both hate background ‘noise’ too. I think it’s something that Townies don’t understand.

  3. Z Post author

    I was always told that 12th night was the 6th, which makes the first day the day after Christmas, but it doesn’t matter anyway, because it feels a long time away once one is back into everyday life. I love it that a rabbi wants to engage with which day Christmas starts, though. I took down cards, which should have been done a few days ago because they were getting dusty.

    1. Z Post author

      He wasn’t talking about the 8th day of Christmas, in that case, after all. I suppose that Jesus, as a Jewish child, was circumcised on whatever they then called the 1st January. Few people actually care now, so we can do what we like – similar to house rules for Monopoly 🙂


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