A tisket, a tasket

I’ve been falling behind in letter-writing, both the actual hand-written sort and emails.  It’s nice to have friends who’d like to hear from me and I did write one letter yesterday and one email today, but I’m still way behind.  I’ve never been the best correspondent,  I have to admit.

My sister is brilliant at keeping in touch with people, she still has a number of friends from her schooldays and, right now, is staying in Singapore with friends who are working there for a couple of years (that is, the husband is), she having been a work colleague of the wife nearly thirty years ago.  And Kamala, our friend in Chennai who she stayed with over Christmas and the New Year, she met in London in about 1968.  They didn’t see each other again until 2000 but always kept in touch.

I’m no good at that, I’ve always had much more of a tendency to live in the moment.  I think I’m too busy, but what that means is another matter.  Anyway, I’ll try to catch up over the next few days.  Tim gave me a lovely new fountain pen for Christmas, so there is every encouragement to write proper letters.

3 comments on “A tisket, a tasket

    1. Z Post author

      It’s amazing! Every time I pick it up, I just can’t help starting to write. Even if I was just going to dust the table…


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